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My experience with the granger high school here in granger Washington is not so good but not too bad at the same time. The good is no so great the college readiness is totally terrible . Reason being is that I have no help from my teachers and my counselor on college or any scholarships so I totally feel alone on this but never the less it feels safe here and it’s an ok school
What I like the most about Granger School District is how small the population is and how there is not a lot of students, I love being able to communicate with my teachers whenever and not having to wait because of how many students we have. I've grown up in Granger my whole life and have loved coming here because it feels like home. The whole environment of the school gives me the feeling that I'm at home. I feel like i'm connected to the teachers because they help me all my problems outside of school when I need it and it means alot to me. I've never been failed to count on anyone in the district.
What I like about the Granger School District is the people. The people were amazing and I made memorable times with them. The dress code is also one good attachment as why I think Granger is good. It declines the bullying and judging because everyone is wearing the same thing.
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I loved how the campus was small and you got to know everyone at your school. It was a very welcoming comfortable environment that I was happy to be a part of.
I’ve only been in granger for my 3-5 grade and left in the middle of it all. That was the biggest regret I have ever made, after a couple years I came back to my home and started up again in my freshman year. Every one was so kind to me my first year and I didn’t remember any one and they didn’t really remember me. I was the one who just sat alone but there was always someone going up to me trying to be friends and I would let them in. I then started to make so much friend and was able to focus so well and and get all my work done without being alone and haveing so much help when I needed it.
The things that I like about Granger High School would be that it is very open to the public about the events that are hostessed here for example the sports that take place. I also think that this school is very friendly when it comes to having new students that attend. Everyone is very comfortable around each other, I would say. The thing that I wish would change would be the dress code. Yes I understand that it is a good thing to have and that it dropped the percentage of the gang violence. But I think no because most people can't afford the amount that the polos and all the other clothing that the people can't really afford.
Granger High School is a good school, although not all within the school is good, its a give and take situation. The school was small but the staff was amazing; well most of the staff was amazing. I am a proud graduate of Granger High School.
I liked everything at Granger School district from the food, to the sports, to the facility, and the teachers in general. Teachers and parents meet as desired to talk about students learning and difficult struggling times throughtout the school year.
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