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I am proud to be an alum of Grandville public schools. The dedication the teachers show for their students is unrivaled and the community built upon hope and hard work encourages students to reach their potential. Ask for help from anyone and they will be happy to help you. I would love to see events for young alumni to connect with the schools during their college years in the form of volunteering or working.
Less pressure on students to pursue STEM education, increase the importance of the arts. Enforce the Be Nice policy as much as it is advertised.
I’ve gone to grandville schools all my life, and I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else. At times it was difficult with teachers or classes, but all in all Grandville public schools has done a great job of helping me to grow up and move on with my life in the real world.
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I love the culture of Grandville Public Schools, and the sense of community and general wellness teachers bring every day. However, the administration is quite strict and is not in touch with the lives of their students. There are many GREAT teachers here, and I enjoy it every day to go to classes with the teachers that care about you, love teaching their subject, and make it fun.
Overall awesome teachers and opportunities for students!! The Grandville community is surely something very special. Not only is the culture within the school good, but the people and business in the Grandville community are so supportive of GPS.
This school offered a lot of different classes ranging in different levels so things where not too hard or not too easy. I like the variety of AP classes offered because I feel they are definitely going to help with college and credits.
I like the whole atmosphere the teachers and staff bring and the amazing athletic programs and opportunities made.
The emphasis of the school on extracurriculars is excellent and the opportunities are many. From community service, robotics, music, sports and theatre, every child that would like to be involved in an activity has the opportunity. the education our children receive is well above average and very competitive.
I really enjoyed my time at Grandville High school, as a Be Nice school, the students were constantly striving to be nice to everybody. The students made people feel welcome and comfortable. Also, people from all around go-to Grandville so it was very diverse.
There's not much diversity, but most of the teachers there strive to help you excel in your academics
I overall enjoyed attending Grandville Public Schools, having gone there from as a kindergartener to a high school senior. The staff take great effort to encourage a sense of community pride and support from all their students, and are excellent at encouraging us to do our best. Both the middle school and high school have undergone renovations in recent years, with the middle school expanding its study halls and the high school adding a new athletic room with fine exercise machines and a good physical fitness program. A potential improvement would be finding a new company to do custodial and maintenance work as they are not always as diligent as they should be, but it is not a major issue.
Tight knit community with tons of parental involvement opportunities. Sports program diversity and options are abundant. Food options could be better but are edible. Lots of classes with chances to earn college credit through AP testing. Love the program options through KCTC!
Grandville prepares students for their future by offering honors and AP classes, programs for EMT and tech careers as well as college visits for juniors and seniors.
Very solid in all areas for students. Music opportunities are especially exceptional. Most of the teachers genuinely care about the students.
A great public school system that truly seeks to help improve the lives of students and their families. When students seek out opportunities or goals, there are always teachers and administrators there willing to provide their complete support along the way, whether that be academically, in sports, or socially, there is always equal opportunities for every student to succeed. This school also provides great programs and clubs involving sports, music, theatre, sciences, engineering, and math that are truly a reflection of the dedication of the faculty, administration, and students.
I am a student at Grandville High School last year. I like many things from Grandville. They have good teachers and they are really helpful. I would like Grandville change about foods because I cant eat the same food everyday.
I enjoy my time at school, if I/my fellow students could change one thing it would be to re-plant the trees in the front that were cut down. Sounds silly, but they meant a lot to us.
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The majority teachers take pride in creating relationships with their students. The administration could put more effort into creating strong after school programs that aren't sport focused. Great teams like the Green Team and Cultural club that could use more funding.
Overall, Grandville does a good job of creating a fun curriculum for students. The things I did not see incorporated well were group work/projects, homework, and anti-bullying policies.
My friend passed away during the school year and the teachers and counsellors and administration were all very good at working with me through it to help me get through my senior year.
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