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A great public school system that truly seeks to help improve the lives of students and their families. When students seek out opportunities or goals, there are always teachers and administrators there willing to provide their complete support along the way, whether that be academically, in sports, or socially, there is always equal opportunities for every student to succeed. This school also provides great programs and clubs involving sports, music, theatre, sciences, engineering, and math that are truly a reflection of the dedication of the faculty, administration, and students.
I am a student at Grandville High School last year. I like many things from Grandville. They have good teachers and they are really helpful. I would like Grandville change about foods because I cant eat the same food everyday.
I enjoy my time at school, if I/my fellow students could change one thing it would be to re-plant the trees in the front that were cut down. Sounds silly, but they meant a lot to us.
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The majority teachers take pride in creating relationships with their students. The administration could put more effort into creating strong after school programs that aren't sport focused. Great teams like the Green Team and Cultural club that could use more funding.
Overall, Grandville does a good job of creating a fun curriculum for students. The things I did not see incorporated well were group work/projects, homework, and anti-bullying policies.
My friend passed away during the school year and the teachers and counsellors and administration were all very good at working with me through it to help me get through my senior year.
I like how the administration is welcoming and personable. They genuinely want to get to know you and see you succeed in life. The one thing I think they could do better with however is making sure the teachers are adequate enough to teach well. Most of my teachers in all of my schooling have been great, but unfortunately, not all of them were.
Grandville is basically a 2nd home to me, not just because I have to go there, but when I'm there, I feel like I'm home because of the friendly staff and students. It's a place of excellence and perfection and I've been so blessed to be able to attend such an amazing school for the past 6 years. The only thing I would like to see change would be the security. We have one security guard who does a great job, but with a school of over 1,000, it doesn't feel like enough. There can ever be enough security throughout an entire school. I also would like to see more bullying prevention take place because I feel like there are students who feel like they can't speak out because they're too afraid. Overall, Grandville is an immaculate school with teachers and administrators who would do anything to help a student succeed.
Grandville Public School, speaking more towards the High School has so many opportunities to not only get involved in your own school but to get involved and brighten up our community. From the caring, passionate teachers, to the loud and proud pep assemblies, Grandville High School has made coming to school something to look forward to everyday.
At Grandville, some of the teachers are excellent and some aren't so much. We had a lot of money from a grant and recently built an amazing new workout facility for athletes and students and that's one of my favorite things about the school! However, the food is Average. I have the latest lunch, and many time the cafeteria would simply run out of my favorite healthy option, the Chicken Wrap, and I'd be forced to order unhealthy food just to eat when I really was interested in healthy options. That is my main concern. I do feel safe at school and the faculty does a good job at keeping everybody feeling secure.
There are many programs, classes, and dedicated teachers on a very nice campus. There are, however, problems with a couple of teachers, which can ruin some classes. Overall, it is a very nice school with many opportunities for students. There is also a wide selection of classes, everything from game programming to mythology to child psychology to EMS.
Grandville public schools is has a very friendly and helpful community. The teachers are nice and help kids succeed. Administration at Grandville High a school makes being a high schooler fun and a good overall experience.
Grandville has great teachers who are always willing to help! I would really like to see the atmosphere change because a lot of students are mean and disrespeactful to the teachers.
I think that all grandville public schools need to invest in some air conditioning for all schools instead of cutting hours.
I've been part of Grandville public schools for k-12th grades. I've loved every second of it. The willingness of teachers and staff to help the students is incredible. The support that we get as students is so helpful. The thing that stands out to me the most about Grandville is the sense of community. Everyone comes together in time of crisis, such as when our principle was diagnosed with leukemia or when 3 of our fellow students died in less than 6 months.
One of the best school districts with the best staff and administration that genuinely care about students' growth academically and as a young person. The high school has some of the best clubs and extra curricular activities that give every person a chance to get involved. Every student who attends will leave feeling ready for their future and happy about their education.
Grandville Public Schools provide an amazing school experience. They care about all their students and provide a small town feel despite the large school district.
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Grandville has been a mix of large and small friends groups, excellent teaching and a very dedicated administration. In the past four years I've gained a great education, made many friends, and developed important personal skills.
Its a friendly environment to learn with many classes to choose from. The Grandville community supports many of the athletics and fine arts programs. The teachers are helpful and want to help you succeed.
Fantastic schools and fantastic community! What a special place to be!! We have students who have attended Century Park Learning Center and Grandville Middle School with great success. Looking forward to continuing this journey. Go Dawgs!
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