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The teacher situation when I went was ridiculous and weird but the school was OK until the very end. If you have a choice of school to go to to get a great education, it wouldn't be the best place to start with rather maybe the fifth choice
Teachers have bad attitudes towards certain students and they do not do anything to fix it. I hear my peers stories about their experiences they have with certain teachers and they struggle succeeding In there because some of their teachers do not acknowledge that they need help.
The Grandview School District is for the most part good in most aspects. Since I have left they have made a lot of positive changes and they seem to be getting even better.
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The teachers not to getting fired so often. Not have pizza everyday. I would have liked it if my counselor prepared me better for higher education. The safety at my school was really good because we had police officers coming to our school often and the fence kept students from skipping and kept threats away from the school. The bathrooms could have been cleaned more often. Grandview High school was mostly made up of Hispanics and a few Caucasian. There was honor classes, but i was never in them although i heard from others that they would do the same work as regular classes. In sport programs there was always favorites, so those students would get into varsity regardless of their abilities.
I've grown up in the Grandview school district and it's a tight knit community where the students you meet in elementary school you'll remember and know closely up until graduation.
I think Grandview High is a great school, I'm glad I was able to spend my four years of high school there because even though it's a small town there are lots of opportunities and it's very easy to make connections with other students and teachers since it is a small town.
It was fine there wasn't really anything spectacular about my time in school. I felt like there wasn't a lot of push to continue higher education, also not much classes to explore different career paths other than what was the norm.
Grandview School District goes a great job helping students learn and grow always inspiring them to learn. I am excited to see the new high school which will help the district advance and create a better program for students.
Grandview high school is a great school. There are many opportunities here. The only bad factor of Grandview high school is the food.
Its a small district most people get along very well during school hours. The teachers get along with the students very well but occasionally that's not always true. It has its ups and downs but its a very good small school district to be a part of.
I liked the clubs and organizations and how involved they are. I would like to see better tasting food. Also, new coaches for some of the sports.
Grandview high school is one of the best schools around the valley with more challenging academic. And more expectations this is useful for those people interested in going to college.
The school was very crowded to say the least. Overpopulated classrooms. Un-air conditioned hallways. Teachers who didn't give two cents whether you passed or failed. But it was pretty easy to graduate.
This school offers a wide variety of classes that will potentially get the students and idea one hat they want to do with their future and the the faculty is always there to notice both students and teachers to try their best
Some things the Grandview School District could change is the way some teachers get treated and to find a better way to have all students arrive to school on time rather than just yelling at everyone walking in the school. Some things I like about it is that the teachers that work at the high school are the same teachers that worked in the middle school, it's good seeing familiar faces around. It's a good place to go to school if you like a town, because everyone pretty much knows each other.
Im a student from grandview and this os my senior year i really love the community and how everyone in school knkw everyone and encourage eachother we do lack in school spirit a bit and also would be nice if we received a bit more encouragement from out adults in our community and cant wait to see the new school althought i wont get to expwrinece it as a student since i will be graduating in a few months.Also money for sport other football would be nice.
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