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Grandview R-II School District Reviews

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I had a very poor experience as a student at Grandview. Everyone there worships sports culture over anything, including academics - as if it's a celebration to have high academic standing, anyway. I never faced one academic challenge at Grandview, everything was an easy A. Teacher don't care about deadlines or actual learning. The focuses are on tests and grades so we look good in the numbers. There are little opportunities for growth and involvement other than sports. The administration is constantly making decisions that make NO SENSE in any standing. I was not prepared for college whatsoever. There is no diversity, healthy differing of opinions, resources for issues or struggle, or celebration of differences. I have a very sub-par experience at Grandview and I am happy to be out of there.
It is a very small public school in the middle of no where. It is the kind of place where everyone knows everyone.
I like how you know just about everyone, and its easy to talk to anyone. I think our school lunches need to be improved.
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Grandview is a small school that allows students more involvement. It is more like a small family rather than a school, everyone looks out for each other.
It's been about three years since I graduated and moved on to become an engineer, but every time I visit, the STEM department surprises me with some of the new programs that have been approved out there. I really wish that I would have had the opportunity to take some of the STEM classes that are available now, because the skills that I could have learned then could have helped me to understand the material that I am covering at college now.
As a senior of Grandview RII High School, I see Grandview as an decent school. We have constructive classes and amazing teachers willing to make sure we graduate on time. Although, some minor things such as lunches and clubs could be improved. Our lunches are not the best quality. Despite the clubs, Grandview is a small school. So, as far as the amount of clubs Grandview has, it makes sense as to why we do not have so many. Nevertheless, Grandview is a decent school for a small town girl like myself.
Grandview R-II is a good school district for students to fit it. Grandview's a small community. Every student is treated as a part of the family. Being a smaller school, we have a decent variety of sports and clubs for everyone's interests. The two issues I have is organization and discipline. Grandview is terrible at communicating school events. District wide no one gives out a school supply list. In the district we let a lot slide. That's the reason we have students misbehave repeatedly and they think it's no problem. Teachers also announce an assignment due in a week. The good kids will bust it to complete the assignment. The bad kids won't and the teacher will extend the deadline. There's a major lack of commitment when it comes to discipline. The school has done more than enough to make me feel welcomed but I think there's a few issues that need to be addressed.
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