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Grandview Independent School District Reviews

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Grandview schools have always made a safe learning environment. All students are held to a high standard and most exceed those wishes. Grandview High School is an excellent place for students who wish to succeed academically or athletically. Teachers, although underpaid, are eager to help and wonderful at what they do.
This school is very community based and I love how close everyone is with everyone. The school has tremendous teachers who care about their student, and we succeed in everything we do.
As a junior who currently goes to this school, and has been going to this district for almost ten years, I've had a relatively good time there. The teachers are usually nice and they make you think about the homework they give. The food is just like any other food you'd find at any other school. The band is very good and is tons of fun to be a part of.
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Grandview is one of the best school districts in the state. Teachers do everything they can to see students succeed, and prepare students for college as much as possible. Grandview has a rather rigorous curriculum, but with hard work and studying students will learn a lot. Grandview would be a great school for anyone.
Grandview High School is an exceptional school when it comes to academics and everything extracurricular. There is not a single elective/club that is not successful in someway. However with the great success comes with some consequences. There is not a single club in the entire Grandview school district that is not biased however. The staff is too worried about winning in everything that certain morals are thrown out the window. Certain decisions are based off of favoritism of the "stars" of that event. If one of the "stars" were to get in trouble, the teacher would simply act like it never happened. If a student was in ineligible from the failing grade, the teacher would simply curve the students grade to let them compete in their event. Besides the biased decisions, Grandview is an average school when it comes to character, exceptional academically
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