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Grandview Heights City School District Reviews

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I like that it is a tight knit community but that also opens people who don’t follow the social norms up to scrutiny. Overall I have had a great high school experience and if I had the option to do it again, I would go to grandview again.
A small and secure school district. The principle and staff are very accommodating and advanced. The school provides its students with complimentary chromebooks and is very adept at navigating technology in accordance with learning. The technology is very up to date and the spirit is high at all times.
Grandview Heights is such a great community. Being in college currently and reflecting back on my years there, I see no downsides besides it being very small. I excelled in high school. I was able to play three sports, and keep my grades up. The teachers are amazing. After you graduate, they keep in touch to make sure everything is going well. If you have any questions regarding something you are learning in college, they want you to text or email them. It doesn't just stop after you graduate, they truly want to see you succeed.
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Personalized experience with teachers and students. Class sizes are small which gives you a very close relationship with your teachers and other classmates.
Grandview is an amazing school district. Students are prepared very well for college. The teachers will help students in any way they can without babying them. There is a mutual respect between all teachers and students.
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