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Grandview C-IV School District Reviews

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The Grandview school district has always been good to me and my family. The faculty is great and care for the students. I love the district.
My family grew up in the city of Grandview. My mom and her two sisters graduated from there, and so did all my cousins and now its my turn. It took me a while to get comfortable with the school because I was leaving all my friends that I grew up with. But Grandview is a really good school. We are known for our amazing sports teams. This years varsity boys basketball team won the state title for their division this year! It was such a big deal for our school.
I loved Grandview c-4 schools. They are like family everyone knows everyone. We stand up against bullying and everyone gets a fair shot to do their best. Teachers arealwYs available and the office staff is helpful too.
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What I liked about the Grandview C4-school district was we were intent on presenting culture and history. We would hold events and spirit weeks for black history month or Martin Luther King day. We were also pretty diverse so I was able to make friends across a whole spectrum of races. Also I feel that Grandview teachers really do care about the achievement of their students. There were some issues, but every school has some form of issue or conflict.
I feel that the teachers really do there best to provide everything they can to help students succeed. I do not feel 100% safe in my school, because of security issues ( not enough resource officers, etc.) I also feel that staff needs more training in regards to diversity and special needs children.
What I like most about Grandivew High School is that the staff is a very helpful team. They are always there to listen to you when you have a problem and they never shy away from challenges. I love the diversity at this school and the way the administrators handle safety.
Grandview C4 is very diverse, letting you see and meet people from different backgrounds and cultures which is pretty cool, letting one know how people can be different and also the same.
My experience at Grandview had been great. I have been in the Grandview school district my whole life. They all seem like family and they know my whole family. The teachers in the district strive on wanting to teach students. The teachers genuinely care about us as students and individuals. They create an amazing educational environment.
Grandview High School was centrally located and the staff and teachers were supportive and really want invest in your success. The school is big enough for diversity but small enough for that individualized care and that you are known.
Grandview high school is a very nice school. There are plenty of activities for students, and many opportunities for students to get help and improve their grades. Would like to see the school better inform and prepare students for the ACT and college.
I have had a very good experience with the Grandview school district for my 12 years here. The students are all one family and get along very well, even while minding their business and handling their business. What I would like to see change are better teachers to come about. Sometimes the different styles of teaching in the same course suck as chemistry or Spanish effects a students learning abilities, so if all teachers could be on the same page that would be very helpful.
I attended Grandview High School all 4 years and overall I enjoyed it. The main complaint I have about the school is that it does not really prepare you for college. Yes they discuss it and how important it is that we go but that wasn't helpful at all. We needed more direction besides applying for schools and sending in our SAT & ACT scores. Yes they also mentioned scholarships but they weren't very helpful with that process either. I just wish the counselors were more helpful and hands on like they're suppose to be.
My favorite thing about being a part of the Grandview School District for over the past decade would have to be the band programs. Being a member of any one of those bands was like joining another family. And over the years you just continue to grow and become close to those people. Something that could be better is how ready the classes are actually getting us for the college life.
Grandview has a very good English department, the science labs are very nice, and everyone is very friendly there. Teachers help you, but also make you problem solve. Academics are good, they just need more school spirit in athletics and activities.
Grandview High School was a good experience overall because it gave me the opportunity to meet some coolest friends ever and a chance to figure out what I wanted to be. The faculty was very understanding and wanted each person to succeed in life. However, there is always room for improvement, and I feel like Grandview High School would have been better if there was more freedom for the students.
I have graduated 1 student from Grandview and currently have 3 more in high school. We have had nothing but a great experience at GHS. It is a great school with teachers & staff that truly care about the students.
I was falsely suspended for an entire school year. Worst experience of my life. To be placed in such a predicament knowing I was a shining student with great grades is disrespectful and I have hatred for the former superintendent that resided over Grandview C-4 school district.
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Martin city middle and grandview middle is such an awesome school because it's so divers in so many ways the food is on 100 the kids are so nice everyone is like family to me at this school.
I felt like the student really had to beg to be challenged in class. Also the courses were not preparing me for college.
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