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Grand Valley provides an average education. It has the potential to be so much better but those in power decide not to take that chance. Mr. Varley is one of the only staff members who truly cares about his students, and it shows in the state test scores.
I like how to teachers are super nice and will talk to you about reality but sometimes they need to actually help you do school work and be more focused about learning which is more important. Also I didn’t like so much about how a lot of school fundraisers were towards more sports rather than educational purposes such as new textbooks.
I love the teachers and the other staff at my school. They are all very encouraging and helpful when it comes to learning and preparing for graduation. I wish I would see a closer bond between students. Many nonpopular students are left out and feel worthless because of it. However, there are many brilliant, athletic, and very friendly students at our school that try to include others. I just wish everyone would except others.
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I really enjoy the close-knit community feeling of Grand Valley where everyone seems to support each other. On the other hand, I feel as though more difficult classes should be offered or that at least the lessons plans should be altered to be more challenging for the students that are able to handle it.
It was all-in-all a great place to graduate high school from. It was a tight knit community and it will always be home.
Grand Valley School District is a small town school, with an overall under par experience to students. Teachers can behave inappropriately to students without repercussions, which I would like to see remedied. There is also a largely racist undertone, with even teachers holding non-white students to a different standard. Safety in general is alright, but I would like to see a lot changed for the benefit of the students.
Both my daughters a senior and a freshman have been in the GrandValley school district since kindergarten. Although it is challagling living in the country at times my kids love Gv so much both will stay in district till graduation.
They have supportive staff and know my kids by name. They encourage the students to challenge themselves in whatever they do. My senior has been on the chior dept since middle school and my freshman is right behind.
Doth my girls have been very successful at Grandvalley with both taking college credit cellege prep classes and maintaining 4.0 gpa. I would highly recommend Grand Valley Local Schools
Guidance counselor at the HS doesn't really help at all. Principal at HS does nothing either. There are, however, a lot of great teachers, but without a proper administration, things cannot run well.
There are many thing I like about Grand Valley. Most teachers had good lessons that engaged the student. There is a variety of extracurricular activities that I can partake in. However, I do not like the school's CCP program
I have been here for 6 years, and the support from teachers never fails to impress me. Despite mistakes that everyone makes, it has been such a great year for me.
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