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I liked the diversity here, there is many different kids from many different countries. It teaches us to understand we are all different and don’t be quick to judge. One thing bad is the lunch, I never eat because it’s gross , they can do way better
The Grand Rapids Public Schools have to do better to teach kids. I often remembered barely retaining certain information based on the boring paper pamphlets we received.
Grand Rapids Public schools provide a very agreeable ambient for all types of students with diverse ethnic backgrounds. The only thing that Grand Rapids Public Schools should do is to take the weather conditions into great consideration, since there are students to drive to school and get driven by a parent and those who take the bus.
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Foods pretty crummy and we cant change it, we have to play sports with another school, we had a Molotov cocktail scare last year and we've had multiple incidents over the year, so I rated lower. Honestly, our school really doesnt have any culture but it doesnt help that its new.
I like the diversity. We are all mixed and for that reason we are exposed to different cultures and points of view. Also, the sports are great. Maybe it would be better if we had better opportunities.
Coming to the U.S. knowing very little English, was very difficult for me. Thanks to my teachers and staff at my school; I was able to not only learn the language, but to do well academically to succeed in life. Thanks to the support from my school’s personel, I am happy to say that I will be graduating high school as the Valedictorian of my graduating class. Of course, if wouldn’t be possible without their help and desire for students to succeed.
Grand Rapids Public is a district built on students and staff with different backgrounds and current situations, so it welcomes everyone. The school’s definelty do welcome everyone and allow everyone to know their worth and potential. However, schools need immediate academic improvement! They (staff) don’t even attempt to educate us further that a 7th grade education, even as seniors!! I had many assignments throughout high school, and in the corner it said something along the lines of “Grade Level: 7”. If we were challenged and pushed a little more, I’d give a higher rating. Also, the district has a problem with staffing, usually understaffing or simply not having substitutes when a teacher is out.
Although it has its perks, GRPS feels like a poorly run district. Funding seems to go to schools that need it the least. Union High School, for example, has needed a renovation for years — some walls move when slightly pushed — but is just barely going to receive it.
I love the school that I attend. Being in the heart of a city, I have gotten a very good experience of different cultures, and I believe that has helped me to become a better person. The people I attend school with are all very friendly, and the teachers are amazing. Every teacher does their best to be personable and to understand the students to the best of their ability. If I had to change something about my school though, it would be some of the policies they have put in place, such as the uniform policy.
I had a good experience. It was a fun time. A lot of rude kids though. Teachers and staff were always very helpful and taught very well. I would say overall good experience but just wish the students were a little bit nicer there.
My kids attend Brookside Elementary and teachers are great very hands on .and involved in your kids learning they want them to succeed in learning and life . I've them !
Grand Rapids Public schools were honestly not the safety schools around. Most schools in the district didn't offer the best academics but some had AP classes and duel enrollment to help prepare kids for college. The food was literally awful like the worst food on the planet. Their are a few teachers that are diamonds in the rut. I had some of the best teachers they had to offer which helped push me to do my best. They do allow for some nice activities such as an EMT class at Innovation Central. These schools had lost of diversity but not all of them offer sports ore even many clubs. Also never saw alot of parent involvement at these schools.
I Loved GRPS They taught me so much through out my years attending. I learn life lessons, new material and got to attend amazing field trips. I also had to learn that the Real world is more than what we think. There are many great role models within the Grand Rapids Public community. They will take you in and treat you as there own good or bad. I appreciate the love and caring that I Feel attending that high school. It made me a better person and other peers. I Love GRPS it might not be anything to the other school districts but it means a lot to the low income communities and that’s the only things we have when it comes to education.
GRPD is very diverse has the young heart of the city growing through it. Are raising and teaching the young to be great men and woman of the area.
As long as you are going to Forest Hills schools its not like the rest of the public school in Grand Rapids. Money in the community makes sure of this. Keeping out almost all kids from my kind of background.
I love all of the extracurricular activities around Grand Rapids Public Schools. I also like that the food here is free so I don't have to worry about lunch money. One thing I would like to see change is that we have more substitute teachers in the future because my school really needs them
I like the Grand Rapids Public Schools because the new superintendent is making some excellent changes that are increasing the quality of our schools.
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Grand Rapids public was okay but also wasn't the best school system to put your kids through. High school was very fun for me, but as a student I felt like the staff could have did their job better. Students skipped class all the time and some students entered the wrong class which made it really hard to learn.
Grand Rapids Public Schools is a district concerned solely on their image and not with the quality of education their students receive. As a student of one of the highest ranked schools in Michigan, I can see that the education side of the GRPS administration is very lacking. I received a good education from great teachers, but the faces of GRPS did nothing to help the obvious problems with the other schools in the district; they simply gave the school millions of dollars to make it look nicer and newer and left the mangled, twenty year-old textbooks and under payed, overextended teachers to be dealt with by the students. Our technology in my own school was years behind others, even in our own district. My school personally was only given more money to use if we received excellent test scores, as if no smart boards or usable laptop carts were punishments for being average. I loved the experience I had with my peers and teachers, but the administration of GRPS is atrocious.
Grand Rapids district is one of the most advanced district by far! They are a wide variety of programs to choose from. Endless opportunities and academics has been wonderful since the pass decades.
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