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Grand Rapids Public School District Reviews

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My experience at ISD 318 has been great. I would love to see more encouragement of students to participate in PSEO rather than staff looking down on the opportunity. I would also like to see better communication for students between their PSEO college and the high school
Grand Rapids Public School District is a really good district. The teachers care. The custodians care. The administration cares. Parents are involved and the community supports all areas from sports to arts to all the different clubs. A student can be involved as much or as little as they wish. There is also wide variety of college prep classes. I am proud to say I went to Grand Rapids and proud to have been a Thunderhawk!!
It was good. Small town feeling and the teachers were always there to help and support you. If something happens it usually is taken care of in a timely matter. They care about their students and want them to succeed. Not just there for a paycheck
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Despite the fact that it is located in northern Minnesota, GRHS offers a lot of options for education options. Our sports vary in strength by program, but we are consistently competitive in all of them.
All the teachers are so friendly, caring, and want the best for you. Sports were a high light of my high school journey and I will never forget them. I enjoyed growing up in a small town and am excited to see what's out past these city limits.
I love going to this school. It has great teachers and a lot of choices to pick from for classes, clubs, and sports. I also love the band program. There's a jazz band, concert band, smthyonic band, wood wind band, brass band, and percussion band. Those last three aren't optional tho. Oh let's not for get the marching band. It's the best band in the state. Also there is a pep band. I love Grand Rapids and am proud to be a part of it.
It was a great school for kids looking for tech classes. The tech wing is top notch. Math department is strong with the exception of a few students. I personally had a problem with the English department, I feel that they don't do a good job preparing students for college writing, with the exception of the College Prep Writing course. It's an overall good school but there's plenty of room for improvement.
I moved from Wisconsin and was integrated into the Grand Rapids public school district when I was 11 and attended until I graduated High School. The schools and feel of the environment they try to create is very good and I know I can trust my kids would receive a good education there.
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