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I really love how they offer many opportunities for their students. For example, I am a student who is in the TAFE program at YWLA high school, and I really love that GPISD pays for our UTA tuition to graduate with a assistant teacher certificate. when I graduate, GPISD has already offered me a job to work in an elementary school here as a teacher assistant!
What I liked about the school district is the pathways and internships. What i would like to see change is the better buildings for more space.
“I am YWLA. I am a scholar, I am leader, I am young woman” This is what I have been repeating for the past 7 years every morning as our school creed. I’ve been attending Young Women’s Leadership Academy in Grand Prairie, Texas since the school began in 7th grade. Little did I know, this school was going to change my life forever. I am gained more a capacity for team work, leadership skills, public speaking, taking initiative, and committing myself to community service in my academic career at GPISD. I have been in this school district all my life and have gained so many incredible experiences, friendships, and opportunities.
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Have never had an issue with the school district itself nor the quality of education that is being administered. However, the quality of facilities and resources could be improved if budgets were shifted and prioritized.
What I liked about Grand Prairie ISD is the simple facts that students were fairly close ton one another because the school was so small. Also, the teachers were great at teaching their subject to students and many were young so that helped me build a closed relationship with them. However, the school district in the area that I was located in made it feel very safe.
Grand Prairie Independent School District has given me a great high school experience. They have excellent resources, such as, the college readiness programs that have helped me fill out college applications, scholarships, and more.
I liked the opportunity to compete and to dress professionally. I did not like that my senior year I am not being active in pathway, however I appreciate the various opportunities to join an extracurricular which promotes leadership and personal growth.
I enjoy going to school in GPISD because it has a close, community feel to it and there is lots of school pride, in elementary, middle, and high schools. Additionally, the different opportunities offered to students are numerous and vary immensely, such as the fine arts school, career school, and tradiotonal schools offered.
I love how Grand Prairie Independent School District trains you for beyond high school. With the numerous opportunities, like dual credit classes and internships, I know that I am prepared to succseed.
My overall experience in Grand prairie High school was amazing, I was actually involved in a sport so that helped me see the school differently to those who aren't involved in anything.
Grand Prairie Independent School District offers a variety of school programs based on students preference, offering choices from traditional to kaleidoscope schools programs for K-12.
Grand Prairie Independent School District is committed to prepare alumni for their college ambitions and is ready to assist those who desire to pursue a career, their district offers the SAT test and AP course exams free of charge to all students.
Located in North Texas, the city of Grand Prairie is a culturally diverse town filled with increasing opportunities for all and is ready to embrace oncoming students who desire to take part in their growing district.
I loved how each school interacts with each other. The "rivalry" in Gramd Prairie allows everyone to get together and have fun as a community. The district assures safety and a great education to all its students.
GPISD is an amazing district, but like every, it does have its flaws.
The students are not allowed to be fully expressive without being stopped by admin or teachers. Also, parents opinions are not valued or heard as much as they should be. The parents shape the students, and the schools should too, but like said, families are not answered. Overall, GPISD is a great district, but could possibly fix that.
The teachers are amazing! Super caring and considerate to helping all students learn. The education environment is overall very uplifting and challenges kids to excel in academics and succeed.
I feel like the security at these schools need to be better. I went to GPHS, and we didn't even had a lock down practice drill, like two fire drills, and no tornado drills. I didn't feel safe at these schools.
What I loved about Grand Prairie high school was that this school put itself on the map . Grand Prairie high school was known as a just a school where the “bad kids” attended to , but not anymore Grand Prairie high school changed and and did such big things and improvements .
My time in grand prairie school districts was very exciting I learned a lot of new and valuable information in and outside of the classroom. The environment is very friendly as well. It is great for a child to grow up and go to school here
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One particular thing I like about my district is it is very diverse. I meet people from all over because they made our school district open. This allows for students in less fortunate communities to commute to our schools. One thing I dislike is school lunch. There is not much of a variety and it does not look appetizing. This is very typical for a student to say and can be hard to change due to the many preferences.
It is a very good district that is highly bent on education. If you are looking for a district where you or your child will receive college-ready resources and information, then this is the district for you. It truly gives targets all resources available towards the success of students toward the best and most satisfying college life possible. It gives a student the college feel before the individual even has the opportunity to enter an actual university setting. As a result, students do not feel out of place when they first enter college. It is a very brilliant school district indeed.
Coming from a smaller school, before GPISD, I would like to see more parent involvement through out the school district. I like the organization and how put-together the district as a whole is.
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