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Grand Ledge Public Schools Reviews

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I have grown up in the Grand Ledge district so I do not know any different. Almost every teacher I've had has been amazing. The atmosphere around Grand Ledge High School is very supportive, friendly, and encouraging. Our counsleors have helped us and have been very resourceful about helping us with our college readiness.
There are many opportunities for students. Whether it's sports, academics, or performing arts, there are many options for every student.
I love my school but I wish more people were kind to other people a lot of people are nice but they could be more respectful towards subs and teachers.
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Grand Ledge Public Schools is a great school district with a lot of opportunities for children. We love living in this area and having our children attend these schools.
The GL Public Schools are great because they offer a fun and safe learning environment. There are always plenty of activities to be involved in and the faculty and staff are very helpful.
I have attended Grand Ledge Public Schools for the past 5 years. Compared to my previous school, Grand Ledge is far superior as far as academics, extracurriculars, and general student body. Cliques occur, however, the general atmosphere is a positive, welcoming environment. I plan to finish my schooling here, confident in knowing that I will be prepared for college.
I visited the school for a concert for my friend. Not very diverse, but I could tell students had a good amount of pride for their school.
Great people and community. The teachers work hard to ensure a quality education and safe environment to learn. The track and cross country programs taught my daughterteam work and accountability.
I loved my time at Grand Ledge and I am a very happy alum. I found that my education here really prepared me for college. The amount of AP classes offered was amazing. It allowed you to go beyond the normal course work for about any subject you wanted. Grand Ledge also has a very good sports program. It is a great place to participate in sports and to just watch them. Grand Ledge also has a lot of community involvement.
I liked that Grand Ledge was very diverse and accepting of different people. I also liked that they have programs to incorporate everybody's different needs and interests. Such as the links program, the archery team, the school cafe, and the many different arts classes. One thing I would change about Grand Ledge is the schedule year round and the treatment of the teachers.
Great school with a lot of great faculty members and people to go with it. There are plenty of ways to get involved within the community like athletics, or taking part in the marching band, or taking part in the musicals at Grand Ledge. There are also many after school clubs to take part in to become closer with kids in your school and make new friends.
The teachers are very bad, I do not like this school. The teachers are awful, especially Aaron Yusten, Rebecca Whitson, John Ellsworth
What I like about Grand Ledge High School, is that if you are falling behind, the teachers help you to the best of their ability to get you back on track. People are very friendly and since it is such a small community, it's even better! Things that they could improve on is being more about safety between students.
GLPS is a great school with a wide range of classes that help you achieve more in life. The staff and students are very nice and supportive. The school atmosphere makes it easy to come back the next day.
Grand ledge has done a great job to prepare students for college. They offer a wide variety of classes such as many AP classes. There are also many opportunites students get such as great sports teams and great academic extracurriculars.
I am currently a senior at Grand Ledge High School and overall it has been a great experience. I would recommend this high school to any students who want many different opportunities and diversity. The only complaint I'd have is the Administration has changed a lot and has most students confused due to the lack of communication of what changes are being made. Last year our high school had an issue with the administration not creating a plan for the teachers. It created a high stress situation with the teachers in which they would sometimes project their frustration with the superintendent to the students. For the most part though, I have enjoyed my time at Grand Ledge. The academics are good and I've always received any help I've ever needed in my classes from the teachers and available help rooms. Also, I have loved the overall school spirit. The high school has always felt like a big family to me.
Very good experience. I've had nothing but good come to me from this website. This has helped me get scholarships from everywhere for college.
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Grand Ledge Public Schools has always been a great place to learn. Unfortunately, we have lost a lot of teachers the past couple of years and we are seeing the quality of the school district decline.
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