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I like the diversity in grand island public school. Some schools have issues with teachers but they try to solve the problems and I’m satisfied with that.
Overall a good experience, teachers are helpful and seem to care a lot about individual students. College readiness could use some extra work because the courses become overly simply unlike college courses.
What I like about Grand Island public schools is the teacher involvement and academics. Advanced placement classes are fun, interesting, and help us prepare for college. Clubs, activities, and sports are also fun and competitive.
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I have had a very hard time in highschool , specially after my dad went to prison . I went from a smarty pants to having all Cs and failing classes and without the help of some teachers , I wouldn't be a senior . They are amazing and will always be there for you
Love the school and teachers. They are always supporting all the students in their decision, they have special events after-school so when a student feels bad or is getting bullied they can go to the program and talk it out with the teachers. The school wants us to succeed and make us achieve greater things in life. Onece I was told by a teacher to never give up on things that are worth it at the end because they could help us and make us a better person in life. I would like to win this money also because I don't have enough to get into College and I want to win this to achieve my goal and be better in the feature
The best thing about the public school system is its effince on safety and diverstry there is only two thing I would like to change and that is the food that it be home made and how they get you ready for college they need to show you how to not get messed up in the crazzines of applying for schlorships
I liked how science class was taught. They reviewed the material often. I also like my English teacher because she is positive and makes learning fun. In my opinion, the food could be a lot tastier and not have so many genetically modified foods on the plate. The books provided could be newer so that they aren't so fragile and so that they are updated.
I have had a great experience with the teachers in Grand Island Public Schools, but the education board was not as pleasant. They consistently give money to useless needs, like segways for the high school security officers, but denied the AFJROTC an additional classroom for a much needed expansion of a rapidly growing program.
I had a good experience at GIPS. I felt prepared for college and that many of my teachers were incredible in shaping my educational and personal goals.
The Grand Island Public School system is slightly bias when it comes to athletes. Most of the athletes there are the students who tend to get into the most trouble and cause the most harm to others. However because they are athletes, they are seen as the perfect student since they need to be able to play in all of the games. They also get much more funding compared to the other departments such as the music department. As someone who was in the music department for the full 8 years that I was in the Grand Island Public School system, I saw many occasions where the athletic department would get special treatment while the rest of the school had to find different ways to make their own money for activities. However once you are able to get past that, the overall quality of the schools and teachers is very good. The majority of the teachers I had were very nice and kind people.
Grand Island Public Schools is a great school district! This school district is very strong and they know how to teach and make there students excel in every subject! Teachers that are currently working within this district are very knowledgeable about teaching students. All the teachers will help any student in anyway to help and make them overcome any obstacle. This district has a very calming and well mannered atmosphere which makes you feel safe and excited to go to school! One thing I think Grand Island Public Schools needs to improve is there parking lots. Every parking lot is so crowded and not safe for kids to be walking throughout the traffic. Other than that this district is awesome and nothing needs to change about this wonderful school district!!
Going to school at Grand Island Senior High was a very good experience. All of the teachers are very helpful. The clubs are all very welcoming.
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