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Grand Island Central School District Reviews

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I thought Grand Island High School was a great district because they focused deeply on academics and made sure that each student was involved. They hosted lots of activities for students to get involved in which made you feel important. Each staff member was incredibly nice and helpful at all times. I would like to see Grand Island become more diverse and possibly make the food quality better. Overall, I had a wonderful experience with this district and am proud to say that I am an alumni.
Grand Island has a awesome schools and is a great place to raise a family! Small community and rural atmosphere but is close to everything. I call it home!
I believe that we need more safety precautions at the school in order to maintain our high standards.
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It was a good school academically for the most part, and offered a lot of AP courses. Some of the teachers, however, were not equipped to prepare students for these exams. Also the guidance office is not helpful in any way when students are applying to college.
I love the small community and friendly environment. The teachers are great, they try to do the best they can to help their students. Many of the students help each other and support each other. The district has many parents involved in their children's learning. Being a student at Grand Island High School allows me to be competitive for the top spot against my friends. This friendly competitiveness helps students try their best. There are many things that Grand Island gives to it's students. This includes internship opportunities and a wide collection of clubs and sports. This year there are so many new clubs and activities our school is adding. I love the opportunities this school gives to it's students.
Great school! This school offers a lot of college preparation in the 12th grade English classes. Guidance counselors are very helpful and always available.
I loved the atmosphere. My friends and my teachers were like family and I became close with everyone there.
Grand Island is an amazing island that is well-crafted in all aspects. This school provides a wide variety of extra curricular activities, sports, musicals, arts and many more clubs; this allows everyone to feel at home here. This island is secluded and we are a fairly large high-school, and a very intelligent one at that. The one change I would bring to Grand Island would be a more ethnic and culturally diverse community. I would love for more foreign languages to be offered, more transfer students, and a more diverse atmosphere. Of course, I would not physically be able to make changes such as these, but by being a strong part of the student government and therefore, having an easily accessible way to incorporate my ideas as fellow as the rest of the student body, to the facility, who would be able to do something. Thank you!
I have been part of the Grand Island Central School District since I was in kindergarten. Just like any school you come across teachers who make your school experience great and others that do the opposite. All throughout my years at Grand Island majority of my teachers have been outstanding. The teachers try to get to know you, your likes and dislikes, and are very accommodating. The school offers great options for electives. I wouldn't change a thing about Grand Island, my school experience has made me into the person I am today!
What I liked about the school was the student teacher relationship, most of the teachers are nice. One of the things that need to change is the kids there graffiti the bathrooms and then the bathrooms close for the kids.
The public education is very good though the lack of cultural diversity and tolerance for diversity is frustrating. Students are offered a variety of education opportunities that include trade and education based courses. Families choosing private education are bused off of the island for free.
My over all experiance in this school distrect was very well. When I hit high school things got a little rough with bulling. they helped very well with that and my school issues with learning as well. they let you choose the classes that you want. like if you were recomended for honnors but dont want to take it you dont have to. even if you want to drop a class you can. this school district is amazing.
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