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This school had amazing teachers that provided students with endless opportunities. The school encourages college readiness and has a very fun and safe environment. There are always fun ways to get students involved with many diverse clubs and a vast class selection.
The teachers were all very friendly and personable. I believe that many of them were very educated in their subject area and found ways to make class fun for all. The one thing I didn't like was that many of the students came from rich communities. In a city like Grand Haven, this cannot be avoided but I think that children are influenced by those that they surround themselves with so that's good to keep in mind. Overall, I had a great experience attending K-12th grade in the Grand Haven Area Public Schools and would recommend it.
Grand Haven offers lots of options when it comes to taking classes. There is also plenty of resources for students who need extra help in classes.
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Grand Haven gives students many opportunities to be involved in extra curricular activities. Sports, the arts, and student run clubs are all highly supported by the administration and community and well attended by the students.
Moving from a larger district, I found Grand Haven High school to be the perfect size and I was amazed at how happy the teachers seemed to be there. Lots of windows and natural light(something my old school did not offer) and an overall friendly and safe feeling environment.
The staff made you feel comfortable, they were knowledgeable, and overall provided a clean, safe atmosphere. I love Grand Haven Schools!
I love the school spirit that grand Haven has, it was always a fun experience being around people whenever there was a game or celebration of some sort.
I think it was a really great school. It is such a good town filled with great, active people. The only problem there was I think they didn't know how to deal with kids with struggles - since not very many in the area had it hard at home. While I went to school there for four years - also four students had died. It was either accidents or suicide. We had a lot of suicide awareness days at school, but many of the privileged kids could not connect well with it.
I really enjoyed the moral of being together and being one team. I believe it brought us closer as a school and helped with violence and bullying.
I can't imagine going to a school other than Grand Haven High School. They work so hard to make sure everyone is emotionally and academically successful. The teachers there are amazing and very connected to students on a personal level. Where we lack in diversity we make up for in appreciation for the world around us. Teachers and administration are always making sure that students have a voice and that we learn to be accepting and open-minded.
Grand Haven High School offers so many opportunities to grow and learn who you are as a person in a comfortable environment where everyone welcomes you in as their own - One Team, One GH.
As a senior graduating next this year it would be nice to students come together and celebrate each others differences.
I don’t like this school district. I’m a 7th grade student and when you hit 7th grade it’s a complete different world,lower grades then 7th are getting you prepared for what’s bigger coming your way and let me just say people are horrible there students are the meanest there’s so much bullying and it needs to stop and I hate it. Grand Haven use to be the nicest school but social media just made it worst mean comments coming from one way and another and it’s crazy, and what is Grand Haven doing you ask?... Nothing. Absolutely nothing they don’t care even the teachers don’t care it’s ridiculous it’s not cool. I’ve been bullied more than 10 times they judge you on everything it’s hurts your feelings and it’s not fun to go through everyday for 5 days a week
GHAPS is a good district. They try hard. The buildings are well-maintained, complaints against poor teachers are handled quickly and well, and they provide good resources for students to succeed. However, we seem to have an issue with suicides at the middle- and high school levels - in my graduating class, we've lost a student a year since we got to high school. Our diversity is practically nonexistent. Attempts to solve mental health issues deal more with "being nice" than with real, tangible solutions, or with any efforts whatsoever by the schools to reduce the stress they put on us or the stuff we have to do.
Amazing school! I loved my experiences there. The teachers and administration made me and my other friends feel safe there. I'm so glad my parents moved me to grand haven when I was 4, I wouldn't want to go anywhere else. Go Bucs!
I like that the principal is trying to enact good change. The student body is still pretty split between ignorant and disrespectful to others to open and understanding. It's interesting
Grand haven is a great school to go to. The teachers are very involved and care about their students. There are many options for choosing elective classes each year. The only change there could be is the school isn’t as diverse and you see a lot of people not going out of there comfort zone to meet more people, however I see them coming together to fix this.
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It was an overall good experience. I started going to Grand Haven Area Public Schools in 8th grade all the way to my senior graduation.
I liked the course options that I had. I could take AP classes in subjects that I was interested in.
Grand Haven is an awesome district! They hire amazing teachers that are kind and actually care about their students. They offer lots of help for many different special need, as well as for college choices, counseling, and subject help. The only reason I did not give them 5 stars is that until a couple years ago the district struggled with mental health awareness but now they are making a positive effort the help their students.
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