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I feel there is a lot of opportunities in the Grand Forks Public School District for all types of interests.
I grew up attending K-12 in GFPS and had nothing but wonderful experiences! It is a great place to grow through childhood, teachers and staff were amazing & there was a club or sport for everything you could want to participate in.
I attended Grand Forks Public Schools K-12 and had a very positive experience! The facilities are good, and the teachers are overwhelmingly caring and smart.
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They have taught me everything I need to know about teaching! When I graduated from UND, the district welcomed me into the teaching world by working as an instructional para and now I am a classroom teacher.
Music, Theater and arts classes are a highlight at Red River High School. These teachers create a strong program and an inclusive environment. This is a top notch school and district for music, theater and arts. Teachers deeply care about students and support their growth and development. There are strong summer arts programs offered throughout the summer (SPA) as well as multiple choir, theater and performance opportunities during the school year. Both high schools in the district produce multiple plays and musicals throughout the year.
Very accommodating school system that provides a lot of room for student success and growth. Faculty truly care about their students and are fun to be around.
It is a great atmosphere. I love the high school teachers, but do not remember having a great experience with the elementary school teachers. I do not like the school lunches at all and opted to bring my own this year. I think the resources are great and the facilities seem to be clean for the most part.
I have been enrolled in the school district all of my life. I love it, and my dad has also worked for the school district for 15+ years. Every school I have went to was clean and amazing. All the teachers were friendly and easy going.
Very understanding, kind people. Always looking for the best interests of the kids, while trying to further the education and learning of them as well.
The teachers have been incredibly caring throughout my twelve year education. They always are striving for the best material to teach their students. Although it is a medium sized school district, schools create a tight-knit community among their students and teachers.
I have been a part of the Grand Forks Public Schools System all throughout my education (K-12). I have never had any issues with any of my teachers or other school staff. I truly feel that this has provided the best education for me possible. This system has taught me all that I know and I feel that it is superior to others in surrounding areas!
the number of kids i would like to see change on getting days off. For example this year we don’t get our state hockey off but we also hang 14 extra days of school for snow days but we also still don’t get snow days
I have attended Grand Forks Public Schools my entire schooling career. From preschool to highschool, I have been in Grand Forks. My only problem I encountered was during high school, and that was the dress code was sometimes unfair. Other than that the teachers and administration were very helpful.
My years throughout the Grand Forks public School district has been great. The Teachers are excellent at teaching and are always doing their best to make learning fun and interesting. An amazing part of this school district is the counselors who are committed to helping students bettering themselves and making sure they are prepared for after high school.
It was a nice school with many nice people. However, it's very small; the teachers were very nice and helpful
My experience in the GFPS district has been pretty good. We have issues here and there, but for the most part it is a great place to learn. It’s a very friendly community and the staff are always willing to help you succeed. Teachers are typically amazing, even though you of course have a bad apple every once in a while. The GFPS system has been very good for me, and I’ve made long lasting friendships with peers and teachers. The schools also very much support going to college, and there are tons of opportunities available to learn more about any given college or financial aid. For example, the teachers all have green signs on their doors that state which college(s) they attended. The flyer encourages students to talk to teachers about their experiences.
The teachers are amazing because they help as much as they can but still push you to do your best. The school offers a wide variety of classes.
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I love Grand Forks Public schools. I feel like every teacher I have had is passionate and wants me to succeed. I am also an employee at an after school program there, and all of my co workers are amazing and inspirational.
I have been apart of this district for five years now , and it is not bad. i would like to see maybe the offices caring more about their students.
I liked how involved the teacher were with the students. I enjoyed the atmosphere and how easy it was to learn in the environment.
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