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I've attended elementary, middle, and high school at Grand Forks Public Schools and I've had a great time with teachers, academics, and resources and safety are amazing! Great place to go to school, though most of the year is cold.
I’ve always had amazing teachers. The amount of activities my school offers is also really nice. There’s a wide variety of options for which classes you can take. It’s really nice that I’m able to take college classes as well
There is the individual support to every student in need, provided through the employment of paraprofessionals. Guidance counselors are there to support, give advice and go that extra mile for you.
If I was to change anything, it would be the versatility of schools. I think students and parents would be interested in academically or musicaly inclined schools.
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I wasnt there long enough to make a proper statement regarding what needs improvement. However, the administration at one of the schools needs to be more effective when it comes to the college application process.
I’m very proud of the learning I’ve attained from this school district. I feel like it has helped shape me into the adult I am today and I wouldn’t have changed a thing. #undefeated
Not only does GFPS limited diversity in its' student portfolio, the GFPS stakly demonstrates their dislike of students of diverse backgrounds, within the school. They School Board is known for strategizing favoritism amongst the students and unjustly demonstrating their "authoritarian power" over students of minority, within the building.
My experience in the Grand Forks Public Schools District has been great. All the teachers are so helpful and always there when you need help. They want to see all their students succeed and that is so important.
Grand Forks public schools has been a great district. I have made many friends, and learned so much over the years. Great teachers have inspired me on the way. I do think some substitute teachers are not the greatest, but overall they are good.
I absolutely love the school that I attend. They cater to your every needs and are very helpful. The staff is always there for you also the counselors can help you with almost everything, highly recommend.
Welcoming school. Most teachers are willing to do whatever you need to succeed in school. The classes are small enough to get the individual help one needs. However the system seems outdated and to the students it feels as though nobody is trying to change it.
In my experience the grand forks public school district has been better than average but no better. The teachers I have encountered have been alright, save a few excellent ones. The food is kind of bad almost all the time, but there is a wide variety of extracurriculars to choose from.
I have been apart of the Grand Forks Public Schools for just over three years. The sports program offered was fun and energetic. The atmosphere surrounding the school was amazing and the teachers were very kind and polite. They really take learning as top priority, and manage to connect with the students as well. The counselors are amazing at helping you succeed in high school. I have had a lot of fun memories while attending school in Grand Forks and it is sad to see it end.
The schools in this area are over all great. There is a verity of schools and in most schools a verity of teacher if you don't like one. The only thing I would change is to be more college out look.
Great school with great teachers, sports programs, musical/theater programs. Great community. Had a wonderful experience and am enjoying my time at Red River. Have met people who will be life long friends. My counselor is great in helping me figure stuff out.
I have been with the Grand Forks Public School District for six years(6-12). I believe that every teacher and staff member are there to educate the students. They teach us that learning is the number one priority when going to school but, they also teach us to have integrity, courage, trustworthiness, respect, and responsibility. I have not only learned academic things but things that made me a better person, because I went to Grand Forks Public Schools. With these skills that I have learned from their schools, I will carry them with me; throughout my entire life.
I enjoyed the environment and the teachers. Each one that I had throughout my years of school you could tell really wanted to help get each student with their work and get them through school. I wouldn't change anything in my own personal experience I thought it was great!
When I tell people I go to high school in North Dakota, I often get the same response. People politely say "Oh that's cool," but I know they are actually thinking "Snow and hillbillies, must be fun." What they don't know is that we are so much more than our location. Our staff and students constantly put in a tremendous effort so that we can be the best school we can be. As a senior, I look back on the amazing experience I have had and I feel blessed to have been a part of such a great community. In the last year I got to go to our dodgeball tournament, watch Rider Idol, see our hockey team win state undefeated, watch amazing pep rallies, work a food drive, and dress up in over ten theme days. We may just be a small school in a Midwest town, but Red River knows how to do high school right.
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When I needed the help the most while I was in High School i had no one to help, academically and mentally.
Grand Forks Public Schools are great learning environments that encourage the growth of children's education and citizenship. GFPS offers top notch education and endless opportunities. As a students involved in the arts, multiple clubs, and sports, GFPS has supported my groups and made the experience enjoyable. GFPS is phenomenal at offering advanced classes to challenge students ready for the next level of education. Their AP and Dual Credit classes really help prepare their students for their future colleges and schooling. While there are many great things happening in GFPS, there are some things that they need to work on. The funding for our music programs is constantly being cut, at the expense of the students musical growth. Increasing the music departments funds would greatly improve the music program and experience. Overall, GFPS has done a great job, and I have been extremely satisfied with my time as a student in their district.
Red River has been a pretty good high school. We have a huge variety of classes to choose from that are directed to student interests. We also have teachers that want their students to succeed and learn everything they can. If possible I would like to find a way to prevent students from forming cliques and excluding others.
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