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Here at Grand Center Arts Academy, the budget is very small for an average school but we still maintain. The arts curriculum of the school is good but we could have more. It is obvious that we are underfunded.
My experience at this school is not all to well. The stuff members are not nice the students when they ask a simple question. They are also rude to the parents. The teachers call the students out of their names and not as a joke. The principle is only nice to the bad students and looks and talks bad about the good students.
It is a very different environment from most schools. The staff are more focused on producing productive individuals than students who can regurgitate information on tests. I loved my time at Grand Center Arts Academy and I know that, while it is not the place for everyone, it is a school that will help students shine in their own ways and to help find the talent hidden inside of every student.
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GCAA is under ten years old. It has potential. Sadly, it's still in the test subject phase.

It functions like any other school; like a machine. Our Singular Artistic Pathway rule is great for some looking for a strict discipline, but most students are multi-talented or haven't found their niche yet. The pathway rule stifles student's creativity and creates cliques. Having a multi-pathway option would be a big step in the right direction.

We don't have a lot of money available, so I understand why we don't have many clubs (sadly). Classes are often overcrowded and some teachers are just unfit to be in a school setting, at least this one. But there are some gems. This year's STUCO is doing a lot to improve school spirit, and our new Principal brings a lot of promise.

I may have a lot of complaints about my experience with GCAA, but I'm thankful for the way it sparked my interest in Education Policy reformation.
Grand Center is very unorganized and doesn't have good control over its students. I have been going there since middle school and it has only gotten worse over time.
The atmosphere has changed drastically under new administration. The child are minimally supervised. The classrooms are filled with distractions.
I've been attending Grand Center Arts Academy for 7 years. I've seen a lot of good and bad change there but the school overall is fantastic with the vision we have. I love how they incorporate performing arts while promoting academic excellence. As far as academics, courses, and teachers, I've been challenged and can always go to people for assistance and help so I can succeed. We also have a pretty decent variety of fine arts. I take part in the dance department and the teachers are phenomenal. All of the teachers passion for dance makes an impact on the dancers which sparks a love of dance for us. GCAA is a great school and I pray and hope it continues to strive for the vision which is set for the future.
Administration need some work and more extracurricular would be good for the students. Good school academically and have some great teachers there. Very arts focused nothing more. Did have a basketball team (boys and girls) at one point. And had a volleyball team for the girls don’t know if they still have it, probably not. Dance, Musical Theatre, Theatre, Music, Instrumental Music, Vocal Music, Art, nice variety of art choices.
GCAA is very immersed in the arts, and that is something I greatly appreciate. However, in academics, we are very much on the low end of the spectrum, so if that is what you love, perhaps you should look elsewhere.
School with great proximity to arts locations like the symphony, fox theatre, contemporary art museum, craft alliance, etc, right in the middle of the arts district sporting the magnificently refurbished Sun Theater.
I attended Grand Center Arts Academy from grades 7-12 and had such an amazing time learning and growing as a student and artist. The diverse student and teacher environment made everyone, including myself, feel at home. Even though I graduated in May 2016, I will always appreciate my experiences spent there.
I attended GCAA from sixth to eleventh grades. I was recently apart of the first graduating class at the school. This school is personal and loving, it's truly a family environment. The classes offered here are second to none and in the city of St. Louis, the quality of education is higher than 75% of the other schools. Just recently there was a class with 100% graduation rate. They get to know you personally and work with you on whatever assistance you need.
What I really like about the school is that you are able to look at your child grades on a parent sight called Infinite Campus and see what was done for the day, missing assignments, and also see what is coming up and you can also email the teacher and have a conversation without having to take off from work.
Its an amazingly unique opportunity to be able to pursue the arts- whether its performance arts, like band, child, dance, or theater, or visual arts- while also attending an incredibly well educated and intelligent school.
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