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When I came to Grand Blanc High School this year as a sophomore I was really nervous, It was a big school with a lot of people. The people at the school are the best experience you could have, they make you feel comfortable and not like an outsider. The school has great rules and there's also no bullying in the school because everyone is so friendly with each-other. Grand Blanc High School is ranked #1 in Michigan and I can say they highly deserved to be ranked in that place. It's one of the most wonderful schools, it helps you a lot, it even has two campuses set up just like a college setting to prepare you for the real college experience.
My experience had it’s good and bad times. Most of my teachers were very understanding with me whereas others were not. I loved the different options of electives.
At Grand Blanc High School, we value inclusivity and equality above anything else. Our school-- our community even-- is the very definition of a "melting pot". I moved here my freshman year of high school from South Carolina, and the immediate cultural immersion was almost overwhelming, coming from such a small area in the south, but such an amazing experience and opportunity. Being exposed to so many diverse groups within the community has allowed me to grow immensely as a person. I credit much of this to the efforts of Grand Blanc Schools. We have a wide variety of different cultural clubs; some that explore different cultures at each meeting (World Culture Club), and some that specialize (Muslim Student Alliance, Indian-American Student Alliance, etc.), and often these clubs are entirely student led, which not only allows peers to teach one another to gain a better understanding, but also results in greater connections being made between students.
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I love going to Grand Blanc schools because theres such diversity in the community as well as support for others. For example, Westboro Baptist Church came to protest our school and the community banded together in unity to show that in this town we love each other and want to spread that within us. Most of teachers are excellent and care about your learning and safety. Overall, the school is great. “A tradition of excellence”.
The administrators at the school are nice and respectful as well as caring for all of the students. The technology is a bit outdated but the school is taking strides to improve.
Great community. The teachers are nice and the academics are challenging but rewarding. Sports are fun and they are a big school for that. That classroom sizes are small and easy to learn by.
I thought it was a great school experience with many academic opportunities. I had many many teachers that I liked. The student body is respectful and close-knit. I think that the building itself could be redone a little but that really isn't the top priority and doesn't interfere with the learning environment at all.
My experience was that the teachers were all very helpful and the curriculum was definitely challenging, but the teachers are there to help in whatever way they can. Overall it was a great school to attend and to graduate from.
Grand Blanc is a very diverse highschool. You will meet people from all walks of life, and in the process discover who you are as a person.
This is a very good school as education goes they are very strict about their curriculum and they also have a wide variety of classes to choose from but what I would like to see is a little bit more power to the students and more awareness over how some kids are mental health wise
My experience at Grand Blanc high school was rocky to say the least. I thought overall it was difficult for me to do well in class from the lack of help that was offered by the school, not to be completely pessimistic because i thought the teaching staff and administration were always very friendly and meant well. Grand Blanc High was a school of about 3,000 kids and although it offered me a chance to meet people off all backgrounds and ethnicity it often hindered me from reaching my full potential as a student. What i would like to see changed is more programs designed to help students
Grand Blanc was over all a good school. The teachers communicated well and were willing to work with you in getting your grades up. I most definitely did not like that they have an east and west campus that were quite far apart. It was pretty bad when I had to walk across campus every other class, especially in the rain and winter months. I also think the coaches at Grand Blanc should be more fair when picking their players for sports teams.
I went to grand blanc schools from 6th through 12th grade. I had a fairly enjoyable time while attending school there. My grandmother got me into these schools because she did not want me to go to Flint schools and I am very thankful for that. I had amazing teachers and some terrible teachers but that is at every school.
Grand Blanc High School is noted for it's high academic achievement and competitiveness in all sports.
The teachers were great, and we’re highly qualified. But there were certain teachers who I feel had no idea what they were doing.
Through my two and a half years attending Grand Blanc High School so far I have found it to be a very nice experience. There are many great things such as the many choices in lunches, the massive class choices past freshman year, sports and even activities. Another thing I see as a personal benefactor is the staff and faculty , all the teachers I've had at Grand Blanc are very helpful and supportive they wanted to see us succeed. Grand Blanc even offers their seniors scholar ship opportunity which is a big help to our future toward college, all in all I see Grand Blanc as a great opportunity for students to get a broader look on high school and have fun!
I like the academic rigor and the abundance of opportunities to supplement my learning experience. There's an excess of student activities to partake in, and I never feel like there's nothing to do. There's also plenty of personal student-teacher interaction whenever help is needed, which I really appreciate.
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I grew up in Grand Blanc my whole life, and at the schools have so opportunities to make you sucessful in this world. Not only do you get a good education, the teachers genuinely care about the success of the students that attend. To this day I will have a bond and a respect for the teachers that I have had in the past.
I have enjoyed my entire 4 years at Grand Blanc. I am a student with learning disabilites and I have pushed myself to take all NCAA approved Courses. I have many Mentors, Teachers , Tutors and support staff at Grand blanc that have helped guide me throughout the years contributing to my success.
My experience at Grand Blanc High School was very practical in preparing me for college. Also, the school is very diverse and exposes you to many different cultures. With anything it had it's ups and downs but if you want a great education, staff and teachers that care, and a diverse community to learn in, Grand Blanc is the school for you.
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