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Granbury Independent School District Reviews

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Granbury has an excellent school district. They have quality teachers and supportive administrators to drive the rigor of the curriculum.
Granbury Independent School District has been a great school for my children. They have grown academically as well as grown to become independent members of society.
Granbury is a wonderful place to raise kids. It is a growing city, but it has largely held onto its small-town feel.
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Granbury ISD is an excellent school district. You will not find a more innovative group of teachers in DFW. The schools are safe and the classes are challenging!
Granbury ISD is a wonderful school district! Our elementary schools are top-notch with dedicated teachers and administrators. Our secondary schools are great, especially the CTE department at the high school. It is amazing with so many opportunities for real-world certifications.
Excellent elementary campuses, including a STEAM Academy at Mambrino. Fantastic middle schools with multiple fine arts opportunities and STEM electives. A single high school provides excellent opportunities in Academics, Fine Arts, Athletics, CTE and ROTC. High School Aerospace Engineering Department, along with community mentors, are building the 3rd airplane!
Granbury ISD is Awesome/Excellent! We are a Powerful School District, to be so small in comparison to some of the larger districts.... We have so many positive things going on, for example: CTE, STEAM Campuses, etc.... I mean what school district has classes that build Airplanes? Who has an working Ambulance? We have Students that there Academically Rated High in comparison to most. We have a very strong community that helps to support so many possibilities. We as a District are very Thankful for this Village, because you know it takes a Village.
Public school with unlimited opportunities for all students. Continuously pursuing new teaching methods and curriculum. Not your typical lecture and note taking school experience. Students can earn college credits and are prepared for higher education institutions upon graduation. All 3 of our children attended GISD the eldest is an OSU grad, the middle is a Jr. at OSU and the youngest is attending Emma Roberson Elem. where she is in advanced reading and mathematics.
Granbury ISD is a fantastic school district! Project based learning has kept school interesting for my children and there have been many teachers make a positive impact my kids life! Go Pirate Nation!
I love the advancements with technology and CTE but am aware of low income students struggling with these advancements because they're homes are unable to afford internet or technologies being utilized in class. The atmosphere and dedication of this district is still one of the best I have ever encountered.
Granbury ISD is a great place to work. They care so much about their employees... but more importantly they care about the students and how we can better prepare them to be successful in life. From the cafeteria workers to the teachers, GISD truly cares about our kids. They are also very in tune with the community and how we can best serve our community through involvement and working together with other community members to make Granbury Independent School District, Granbury and the surrounding area a great place to live, work and even retire.
Great District! The Staff clearly cares about the students and making sure all kids get a quality education!
I had just moved here from Austin expecting less but was very impressed! Welcoming Students and Staff, great food, and good organization and opportunities.
Our counseling staff went above and beyond getting information out to students beginning our Freshman year all the way through graduation. They helped us through two tragedies that happened just before graduation. Their commitment, compassion, and true love for the students of GHS are what made us truly thrive.
I would like more involvement on the students' part and teacher to talk more about college and how students can better prepare for a post-secondary education. Many of them aren't fully aware as to graduation requirements and aren't aware about the opportunities they have simply because it isn't discussed in our classrooms.
Moving in my Senior Year I was very hesitant, but once I got to meet the people and get involved I warmed up really quickly. The people are the best and the teachers really want you to succeed. I just wish that the place was a little bit cleaner and that kids had more respect for themselves.
The best thing about Granbury High School was the remodeling. After the remodel was complete all of the classrooms had better technology, allowing for knowledge enhancement. Attending Granbury High School allowed me to become college ready.
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The school has done a total renovation allowing students to focus on what they are wanting to major in, in college. Offering your field of study!
One thing I love about Granbury High School is the teachers. Many of the teachers do their absolute best to help you succeed and grow. However, one thing I do not like about Granbury High School is that it has changed drastically within the past 4 years. Now there are many drug, alcohol, and tobacco issues with students. It has become an ever growing problem and Granbury High School does not deal with the issue appropriately.
Granbury High School has been able to provide hundreds of students with state of the art facilities. With these facilities our classes are more carrier oriented and they provided hands on training. Granbury is amazing, but there is always something to improve. I wish Granbury would provide classes to prepare students for important test such as the ACT and SAT. These test are very crucial to the admission process to any college. Better preparing of students for college could mean better grades, less dropouts and they can feel confident knowing they have practiced the Material on the SAT and ACT. Some students have good good grades, but low ACT and SAT scores because they are just not prepared for the material that is on the tests. I believe providing these classes can either make or break a future college student.
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