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I love the administrators teachers and coaches. The helped me start college while in high school and I will never forget that. Great school. I went to Grainger County schools my entire life. I've had a great teachers and I will never forget all the help that was given to me.
My high school is a beautiful campus even though we are limited with funds. Driving to school everyday and seeing the mountains was awesome. I've played on many sports teams and loved every second of it. My coaches has been some of my greatest role models. I hope my children will someday be able to go to Grainger County schools.
The academics and food aren’t the best. The environment isn’t the best. I really just don’t enjoy it at all. I wish it wasn’t such a small school with very little clubs and sports. I also wish it had more diversity and more languages to learn. It’s an average school at best.
I feel that The Grainger County School District is mediocre at best. The extracurricular classes are either dedicated to farming, cosmetology, or teaching. It is very frustrating as an aspiring artist, and art student, to be able to excel in their talents when the school dedicates everything to one of the three classes I have listed. Even going as far to cut the art budget by $300. My art teacher has to struggle with bake sales and even using money out of her own pocket to provide for her art students.
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This school system is about average. I felt well prepared in some classes and not very prepared in others. Due to a first year teacher who was not mentored well, I am missing the piece I need to feel like I am prepared in Algebra 2. Many of my classes were average or below. I feel like teachers should be monitored more closely.
My experience in Grainger county high school, so far is like any sophomores experience. Every semester I meet new people,have new classes, and new teachers. My high school has a variety of things it offers. Some of the things I would like to change about the school would be the dress code, and change how many times you can take a class (electives). Parking passes, buy one from the time you start driving to you graduate,instead of every year. To be able to have our phones out at all times.
It has mostly been good, but changes could be made to make it better. The school overall could work on trying rank higher in quality in the state. Also, the school could work on sports diversity and extracurricular activities to meet the interests of wider student body. Another thing they could work on could their food quality and variety.
I loved my school system, I got along well with most of the teachers from kindergarten to senior year. Liked high school best of all, due to having much more freedom and getting to explore new areas in my education. Changes I would make would be the food, offer more or better choices each day. I might also change the starting time for school to later morning such as, instead of 8:15am change it to 8:45am or 9:00am.
Grainger County schools, especially Grainger High School worships sports above all else, including academics. If a coach is also a teacher, they are absent 80% of the time because of "coaching duties." We have had four low grade bomb threats in two months, and in the summer months GHS, a ten year old building, smells of raw sewage. The small county is ran by politics, and many teachers who should not qualify are still in the classroom due to their last name and social stance. Seniors receive little college readiness, and many graduates fail in college. Clubs are looked over, even though they bring home gold year after year, while the girls' basketball team receive tshirts from the board of education for making it to a tournament, only to get their butts handed to them. Diversity is very poor. A small percentage of Grainger Schools is Latino, the rest Caucasian or mixed race. I would not send my child through Grainger County School Systems.
Grainger High School is an average school, most of the teachers are fantastic, there is not a lot of diversity, but for the most part anyone could come in and most would not pass judgment. The school is clean, the teachers/faculty do care about us students individually and not just there because of a paycheck.
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