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Throughout my high school experience, my school grew and developed vastly. Construction was happening and by the time I graduated, the school contructed multiple new hallways. I think this was a good decision because it provided more space for students, especially in the science wings (new lab tables and equipment). Also throughout my high school experience, Grain Valley Schools implemented technology into the curriculum. By the time I was a high school Senior, every student was issued a Chromebook for the entirety of the school year. . Many students ended up taking notes on computers, inevitably leading to distractions. Studies have proven that technology and multitasking decreases long term memory and can even cause one's hippo-campus to shrink. Although technology is resourceful, looking back on my High School experience at Grain Valley, I wish that technology was more limited.
I really liked how much the teachers supported your learning and well being. I liked how you always had someone to talk to and if you needed academic help, students or teachers would be there for you. There was tutoring for any class and also ACT prep classes. I liked the block scheduling because it gave students more time to get caught up on homework. I loved the vibe and safe environment that GV has. I am a part of the band program, I met many friends there and we were also very successful. I would like to see Grain Valley have better food options and also more clubs. They need to have healthier and tastier food options for students, and promote nutrition.
The Grain Valley school district is among very many highly rated school districts mostly based on test scores. With my experience, the main focus should be on students retaining the knowledge taught to them for a long time. This school district's main focus is on remembering information for tests and no other reason.
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Throughout my high school career, I have been presented with excellent guidance. This guidance and encouragement was not only from the school counselors, but from the teaching staff and administration. Although the district is limited by resources, it is making the most of every last dollar and filling the gap with teaching spirit.
In the next couple of years the district is doing a lot of renovations to make the school bigger and more modern
Being in band you had things in common and spending so much time together maked it family. I miss them dearly. The teachers and staff truly care about you. They offer so many clubs and activities it's hard for you not to be involved in something. Everyone is really nice as well.
As a student who attended the Grain Valley R-V School District for 13 years, the school district has provided me a strong base for my college readiness and provided an excellent environment to learn. From multiple AP classes, a constantly updating environment, and the ability to have a professional and respectful relationship with teachers, the Grain Valley School District is a place to learn and connect with those around you.
I have been in the GVR5 School district since 1st grade and am currently a senior about to graduate . The schools have been on a climb with schools, gyms, football fields and the acidemic readiness they provide for college is amazing. The teachers are very caring and outgoing they treat every kid as their own. Grain Valley is a great town that is growing rapidly, they are making a name for themselves.
Grain Valley High School was a nice environment for high schoolers. Now that I’m currently an alumni and enrolled in college, I see that there is some room for improvement in teaching high school students about diversity. College is a very culturally diverse place. In order to adapt to college successfully, it is important that students are aware of cultural differences. Other than diversity, I wish GVHS had more dual credit courses. It seems that compared to other students at college I came in with a very minimal amount of credits. Overall, Grain Valley does a nice job of making students feel safe and gives great opportunity to expand your learning.
The support for college-bound students is extensive, and because of that the teachers expect the students the same maturity and capabilities a college student would have. This is a double edged sword. With the responsibility placed on students, some are able to step up to the plate. Other students fall behind. The standard-based grading system that Grain Valley operates on can be biased.
The cost of everything is hard for a single mom. I wish they would have more programs for low income families. It is a very nice school though.
My experience at Grain Valley High School was amazing. I had so many opportunities to participate in activities and sports and I got to connect with a bunch of people and teachers through those activities.
The Grain Valley School District is a very close-knit community that puts education and the kids first, no matter what it takes. I love the enthusiasm that the kids show everyday in wanting to better themselves so that they can have a great future in whatever they choose to do or be.
I am a recent graduate (2017) and attended GVSD from K- 12. Overall, it was a great experience. The facilities are good and they offer a lot of activities/clubs/sports. Everyone is encouraged to get involved. I wish they would offer more dual credit classes, but as they get bigger, maybe they will.
Grain Valley R-V High School is a renowned school across the state of Missouri, and for good reason. Academics take a heavy priority, with AP courses being pushed onto students at every grade level beyond Freshman year. This can be good for students who are capable of handling the coursework to prepare them for college. By the same token, such a heavy push of advanced coursework sets some students up for failure. The teachers are very understanding and almost always willing to help, just like the administration. The extracurricular available span a wide array of interests, and if one does not suit you perhaps you can work with the administration to create it as was just done with our Gay-Straight Alliance club. Overall, it is a good school if work is willing to be put towards education.
I graduated Grain Valley High School in May. I loved how the teachers challenged me to do better. They taught me to believe in myself and to go for my dreams. I don't know if there is anything I would change about it.
The Grain Valley school district is an excellent community for learning. We have a standards-based grading system that allows all students to be graded based on their knowledge, instead of a completion of assignments. We have a very successful wrestling program that I've had the privilege to be a part of. I have also seen many kind fellow students and faculty who watch for one another allowing for success in the class room, whether its just helping with assignments or just comforting someone who's have a bad day. I am thankful for my time there and would highly recommend it to future kids.
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It was a good school. Most kids were nice and the teachers were really well prepared to teach the things they do. It was a good layout too but it did take some time to go from one side of the school. I overall enjoyed it.
Grain Valley does very well in preparing their students the chance to succeed in college by offering many AP/dual credit college classes that can help make college easier for kids. Grain Valley is also one of the best all-around Sports school for their size. Grain Valley also has a friendly and great atmosphere that comes from students and teachers alike.
Grain valley school district is a great place to get ready for college and to become a leader in society.
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