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I enjoyed my experience and made many life long friends. I enjoyed playing sports. I had several good teachers. Our school really doesn’t assist with college readiness and I feel like I am behind trying to figure out how to study and adapt to college life.
There are a lot of good people in the schools and they are willing to help you with anything that you need during the school year. However, there are a lot of budget issues and many students tend to struggle.
I loved going to Graham and really appreciated the online GOAL program and the CCP+ program. These programs gave me more time to help my community and get a head start on college. The music program was wonderful. Graham is blessed to have such a great music teacher!
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I loved the experiences I was able to have there although there were a few things that could have been done more efficiently such as using the blizzard bags on the first 3 calamity days versus using it as a last resort.
Graham high school is a rural high school in St. Paris, Ohio. It is not the best when it comes to education but the environment is safe and welcoming.
The students and teachers are great people, but the education leaves a lot to be desired, especially for the brightest students.
At Graham Local Schools, I am a student and I get one on one with my teachers who care very much I think the biggest class I have had is 23 students but we also had a teachers aid in there. Grade sizes very from year to year but it's any where from 100 to 150 students. The community is very tight knitted.; We are known for wrestling and our marching band from Falcon land. We have decent softball, soccer (boy & girl), and baseball teams; we don't do to well in football but there's also some kind student spirit going on like Neon or camo night. I love Graham because it is a smaller school and I get the one on one I need from my teachers.
Graham offers individual learning for many students and has dedicated staff who care for their students. Most students are kind and there is less fighting and bullying than in most larger schools. The largest downside is the rural community and some of the limited perspectives it enables. The school is also not well funded, which can limit access to more advanced classes.
Growing up at Graham for my whole life I made plenty of friendships that will last a lifetime. But the academics and teachers at Graham are mediocre. Some teachers and their classes at the school are great but others not so much.
I liked how the teachers interact with the students. Being in a small town, teachers going to outside events and really interacting with the students leaves a good impression on everyone.
Graham Local Schools provided me with the opportunity to participate in football, basketball, and baseball in a division two level. Classes ranged from general education required courses as well as a number of electives to chose from. My junior and senior year, I enrolled in classes through Ohio Hi Point that provided teachers at the Graham building. If I would have wanted to, I could have taken classes at the numerous colleges that were within thirty minutes from Saint Paris.
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