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It was fun and the academics, studies, and the teachers were great. I do hope that the school gets better food though.
Graham High School is a great place for students to learn and prepare for college. There are lots of activities to be involved in while getting your education. Graham High School has some of the best teachers who are always encouraging the students to do their best.
Overall, I am thankful my children have had the opportunity to attend Graham ISD. I believe there are opportunities for every child (sports, arts, culinary, tech, academic, etc). The Superintendent is very involved and even takes the time to send students personalized notes on their achievements. The highschool principal has also been very willing to help with college admissions and recommendations. I was not a fan of middle school admission over the last few years and I don't believe the principal addressed some bullying issues appropriately (or actually at all). The teachers are responsive and usually have grades entered fairly timely. They are a little too lenient in regard to accepting late or missing assignments though. As is prevalent in most schools, star athletes are not penalized on the field for bad behavior off the field. Regardless, the district has provided a good education and many opportunities for the students.
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I like that all the teachers are very respectful and they help you and teach you enough to where you explain something a whole lot better to understand it and our administrators are amazing. I have never had administrators that work as hard as Graham Independent School District administrators do. I love GISD
I appreciate my school for allowing me to pursue the course path that will be beneficial to my career path based on my selected major. The staff is very helpful it making sure I am on the right track to college, which I am thankful for. There are some things I would change like some teaching strategies that my teachers choose to use, but I guess this is something normal that we all encounter at one point in time. Overall, I would like to leave a satisfied evaluation of Graham Independent School District on behalf of the average student.
I would love to see Graham ISD to grow in such a way that not only helps high school students, but the district as a whole. Diversity, culture, and safety are all key points that Graham needs to work on.
I have enjoyed all of my years at Graham ISD. The leaders in our school, principals, counselors and teachers have always been supportive in what we do.
I have never felt like I couldn't go to them with questions or opinions even in common life issues.
This is an excellent school district. The staff and facilities are both excellent. I believe the best part of this school district is the high school principal, he is an amazing man who treats every student like his own child.
The Graham Independent School District is by far the most supportive school. The staff really goes above and beyond to help their students achieve their goals and encourages them to try their best in all aspects of life.
I liked the small classes and being able to pick what classes and electives to take. I really enjoyed having off campus lunches. I did not feel very prepared when I went to college and definitely had not had to study in high school.
Overall, Graham has great schools. However personally, I'm very interested in fine arts, and Graham is seriously lacking in that department. Which is really sad, because it somehow has the most fine arts in the area. Guess that's what you get when you move to Texas.
I learned a lot at graham, how to work as part of a team, and all of my basic knowledge skills. They prepared me well for college giving me all of the tools i needed to succeed in college. the facilities at graham high school are top of the line, with the best in technology at the students disposal.
This year is going to be one of the most emotional and crazy years of my life. It is a scary thought, but I am also very excited about what my future has in store for me. My high school years, compared to others, have been a little bit different from most. I can honestly say it has been a big adjustment. I am ADD, ADHD, Dyslexic, and have a compulsive disorder. I know everyone gets upset with me A LOT of the times, but I am supposed to take Adderall. I do not like to take any kind of medication, and begged my parents to let me try dealing with my disabilities with out medication. I wanted to learn how to deal with life on my own, and drug free. I work very hard everyday of my life, not just when it matters. I have made a lot of mistakes, and I am far from perfect, but I learn from my mistakes. I work hard on every task handed or thrown at me. I am versatile, motivated, loyal, and take pride in my work. I play Varsity Baseball for the Graham Steers.
Enjoyed the small class sizes and teachers, most of them taking a personal interest in students, especially since this was a small town where teachers were also friends of the community
I have been in Graham schools all 13 years. Our little town has a lot of nice people. I'm a Sr. This year looking to go to collage. I TIP for kindergarten and she was my teacher.
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