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The teachers are wonderful to work with and really care about what they are teaching. The students are nice for the most part and the environment is decent. Recently a lot of construction has been going on and while the future of the school is bright. The current environment for the students is a bit rough. It is somewhat distracting and hard to deal with as a student and I am sure as a teacher as well.
The English and History department are really good. Administration, not so much. The constant construction happening at the school now is a huge distraction and puts the students at a disadvantage. Help for students with social anxiety and depression disorders is very scarce. Overall, the school could use some work. For the next kids to graduate, I hope things become a little nicer.
I would say that Grafton High School is very clicky which makes it hard for an outsider to fit in. Some teachers are excellent while others are mediocre.
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We have strong families and a great sense of community. Our kids have to academic rigor to attend just about any college of their choice and we also offer strong alternatives to 4 year colleges with fantastic STEM and tech programs.
Our school could use more enthusiasm, but the education and resources I have recieved here are comparable to the better schools in our state.
Overall, my years at GHS have been nothing shy of outstanding. The education I have received has been extraordinary due to the teachers. The teachers here truly love their jobs and do them well. There are a variety of classes to choose from also.
Grafton High School is a good school overall. There are some very good teachers that will challenge you to do your best, but also encourage you to become the best. The science department is growing fast, adding new classes. The social studies department is also great! I've enjoyed going to school there and will be sad when I graduate. I have made friends that I will keep in contact for the rest of my life. It's a smaller school but that means you can really connect with your teachers and become the best student possible
I love how the teachers are so pasionate about what they teach, along with the students they teach. I have been in the district my entire life, and have never been mistreated, disrespected or left out in any of my classes or advisors.
Grafton High School is one of the best schools which is no surprise that we're in the top 500 best high schools in the country. The teachers are beyond dedicated and helpful, they teach classes that will help us in our adult life such as personal finance and several automotive classes. And if you need a good laugh just head on over to the social studies department they will make you laugh on just about anything and everything. Sure we're not perfect and they put a lot of pressure on us to do well on the ACT but that's only because they care about the well being of the students. And if I could do it all over again I would still go to Grafton.
I have really enjoyed my experience at Grafton High School. The teachers are really great and truly care about us as people and don't just want to help us pass a test but help us become better people. I do wish that our music department had better facilities. The instrument lockers are gross and probably have asbestos, and there are other things that need repairs or just revamping. Also, more money would definitely help.
We chose Grafton School District through School choice and haven't regretted it once. Grafton schools have bent over backwards to help our children be successful in school and the community. We even have a child with special needs that they made sure was not only able to succeed in class but socially as well. I can't say enough good things about Grafton.
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