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This school district as a whole offers many opportunities through athletics, extracurricular activities, clubs, and a wide variety of classes available to take.
Grafton Public Schools are really good. All the classes challenge me and require me to give my all. Grafton schools are very competitive and have the best of students.
I have had a great experience in the Grafton Public Schools. Beginning with our small elementary school, right through to High School. The teachers have always been so supportive and more than willing to help. They want to see the student be successful. Anytime there was ever a problem or something that came up, you would feel comfortable going to any staff member and asking for help or advice. So many students that have graduated have gone on to great schools. I am hoping that I have the same opportunity.
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While successfully accepted to my colleges of choice, partly thanks to GHS, there are easily improvements that can be made. There is not as much focus on the individual students, and the few attempts to unify to community or discuss mental health feel like another item that the administration checked off their to-do list. The student community is fairly healthy, however (for a high school).
I have overall had a wonderful experience. The building is beautiful and the staff really care about our education.
Grafton Public Schools truly cares about making each school a safe and happy place! They do everything they can to helpe agh student succeed.
They are pretty good but since funds keep getting cut, programs, supplies and some of the better teachers have left. The college courses - AP are pretty good. They are working on upgrading the school itself as a proposition just passed
At Grafton, I was bullied in high school. The faculty did not take any measures and I became affected by mental illness. The adjustment counselor was not supportive either and I wanted to drop out.
I loved the freedom with choosing electives, and all the options. I would change the meetings we have during some extended blocks, as we aren't able to make up work or ask teachers questions.
Grafton is a great school technology wise, some teachers aren't the best but they're all pretty good. I'm really upset they're deciding to change certain things last minute
A lot of bullying in the school systems, administration just look the other way. The special needs have no support in the schools. The schools make parents fight and make them go to court for what they have for ther child/ children with special needs. Very bad setup for autistic children in the schools 2 schools have to have send the kids to another school to give them services. The drop out rate is going up. Then we have this home for girls(bad girls) that there allowing on our buses and there harming other ppl children. Just because Grafton gets a good sz check from the state to keep them here doesn't mean to keep them on our buses. We pay $250 a yr to ride we should no our kids are safe. The only thing that's good in Grafton is the sports. It's over populated. Classes are to big. There's no 1:1 for special needs that need it.
As bad as school can be sometimes, Grafton High School does its best to keep up with the program and make it fun, yet safe, including some classes. There's always something happening every month, like the stress free week. But on the other hand, the students are making things worse for this school by destroying property and claiming that the school sucks because of the destroyed stuff. Ironic, I know. But in the end, Grafton High is a good time.
Grafton has amazing courses and experiences available for students and families. But like all schools, grafton has not been exempt from peer drama. Over the years there has been fights, bomb threats, and drugs, and a new administration.
The Grafton Public School system has provided me with many educational opportunities. Attending the public schools in Grafton has made me a diverse and well educated student. I feel that I now have the tools to pursue higher education.
Sports Coaches should be not show partiality to students of color. Also better coaches are needed for High School Boys Soccer
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