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Gowanda Central School District Reviews

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Gowanda is a smaller district with not much diversity. To some this may come as a negative, but in ways id say this can be seen as an advantage. For example it offers more individual help and also creates more close relationships with teachers, which can make it easier when it comes to getting specific help and being comfortable with asking questions. One thing i wish was offered more at Gowanda is that i wish there was more diversity there is really not much here and I think being able to have that diversity can be a very good experience to have.
I had a very good experience at Gowanda. I first went to Gowanda in kindergarten and I stayed there are the way to senior year. All the teachers are very helpful and are willing to help students with any problem they have. The staff is also trained to help students with issues that do not involve school.
The atmosphere of the school is amazing. Teachers are very helpful and want students to succeed. One thing I would like to see change is more classes and variety of classes improved.
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Gowanda definitely has multiplayer college classes that anyone can take. However, there is no college science classes available.
Gowanda High school has an excellent staff. It is very obvious here that all the teachers care not only about having a job but making sure their students succeed. Because it is such a small district everyone knows everyone and it ensures a good amount of one on one contact if a student needs help.
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