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Governor Mifflin School District Reviews

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Governor Mifflin does decently compared to surrounding schools. The teachers are dedicated and the facilities are nice. The students could be better behaved. I wouldn't list it as a top notch school, but in the upper half.
Governor Mifflin is okay, but I think it can be better. Our discipline issues could use improvement. Students roam around and skip class all the time. The teachers (most of them) are dedicated and do a great job. Sometimes administration is lacking and students in the middle get lost. It's not a stand out school academic wise because many kids aren't serious and just goof off.
great science teachers in the high school. English teachers have taught same curriculum for years- not updating books you are required to read with the times- Jane Austin, Chaucer etc. Math teachers focus on the easy students, not encouraging if you are a struggling math student.GMSD uses "everyday math" program in elementary school- horrible program, does not prepare students with math foundations. Middle/high school teachers do not support "everyday math" skills, expect students to have 'old school' math skills when they were never taught k-6.
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I really love Governor Mifflin and feel as if their academics and teachers have taught me really well. Of course there are some teachers that I don’t prefer but you will find that in every school. The atmosphere in the school is also really enjoyable for anyone with the overall theme that our school and community is Mustang Nation.
I would like to see everything change, the kids are rude and disrespectful the teachers don't help problems the students come to them about, it was overall a terrible experience.
I enjoyed my time in the district. I was very involved in activities on campus because there were so many options which appealed to different groups. If you are struggling, get involved. The teachers are great if you are nice to them. If someone is not behaving or is disrespectful, they do take care of the situation. Be nice, and there will be no problems.
Great Academics, prepare a student well for college education. Athletic teams of recent years have had a excellent track record of success. The Senior High Principle Mr. Murray is a very caring about his students, and wants the best for everyone. His leadership and character are second to none.
It was an overall good experience, with very few things that they could have improved. The environment was good, as were the teachers (most) and the material was good.
The governor mifflin school district was good throughout all the grades. It provides safe and fun environment for students. Governor Mifflin High school tends to lack in the amount of clubs. The majority of the teachers love what they do and love to teach the students at governor mifflin.
I loved being a part of marching band, concert band, and various other clubs and I made many friends in these activities. School pride and inclusiveness is a large part of our schools focus. The teachers are thoroughly involved in each students education and concerned about the students success. The only negative part of my experience was a few other teenagers attitudes and behavior in school. Overall I am proud to be graduating from Governor Mifflin this June. We are - Mustang Nation!
My experience overall at Mifflin has been good, I will never forget my high school. Teachers are mostly all passionate about what they are teaching and caring to students on a day to day basis. Although, food is not something I necessarily would want to purchase, they have healthy and snack options. Overall, Governor Mifflin holds an important place in my heart and is growing as time comes.
Teachers were not invested in the students. Not a very positive atmosphere. Instruction was minimal and teachers were just pressing forward because of testing timing and requirements.
I love the school pride of governor Mifflin and how everyone loves going to school there. Everyone shows up to all the different events to help support and promote our school. One thing I would like to see change at Mifflin would be, new courses being added or new facilities.
The community is very involved with Governor Mifflin Athletics and it is nice to see everyone in the stands cheering on our athletes. I wish the school had better food choices; however, I'm sure it is that way at all high school cafeterias. I've made several life long friendships.
I would say that I have had a positive experience with Governor Mifflin. The recent change in administration has the direction of the school for the better. There are some fantastic teachers who really care about the kids they teach, but there are also some less than stellar ones. I wish that when observing classes and teachers administration would anonymously take students opinions about what they are learning.
I enjoyed how accepting the student body is of others. Everyone feels welcomed by the Governor Mifflin Community. The high school contains a wide variety of academic opportunities as well as extra curricular activities. I was apart of the music program and from freshman to senior year I was warmly welcomed by other students and faculty. My high school has won best music program in Berks County year after year and I must say it is a well deserved honor.
A school that follows protocol whether the best for student or not. Very unyielding in ideas and curriculum.
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Amazing staff, the teachers actually care and are very invested in your success. I would highly recommend. The staff is just so dedicated. I was very involved with the school. They say no to bullying. The Board recognizes the importance of establishing and maintaining a Records
Management Plan that defines district staff responsibilities and complies with federal and state laws and regulations.
What I liked about Governor Mifflin School District is that they did this Maisha project which raised money to build a sports facility for children in Kenya. Also, Governor Mifflin gives a lot of opportunity to students for their futures.
Governor Mifflin is a pretty good school overall, the administration is good and I love being a mustang. Our school culture is great, I feel like we are one big happy Mustang Nation family which is probably my favorite thing about Mifflin. Most of the teachers are really great! They do a great job at teaching and they are great people in general. The food that they serve could be better. The school does have a lot of physical fighting in it, but it is starting to be better and we now have two school officers so I feel safe attending Governor Mifflin.
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