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Had a great high school experience, I was a teen mother at 15 when I was in high school and the high school was extremely supportive of making sure I was successful my four years .
Very welcoming and supportive learning environment. Staff is dedicated to preparing students for academic and real world success. Students are pushed to do their best and are encouraged to pursue higher education. The district provides college readiness programs and classes, such as Advanced Placement and Dual Credit.
I liked how close the community and the schools were. No matter if it was the High school or the elementary school they were there to help. I loved the family feel this district gave all the students.
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I love the experience at Goshen High School. Most of things about this school that keep me wanting to come back are the people and the football team and the marching band.
The teachers really do care. Most of them try their very best to help you. I'd like to see more of the school-wide ACTs we did Junior year, though, as that was very helpful.
I went to Goshen High School for 4 years and graduated in 2016. I would say Goshen is a very small, but community school, we look out for each other and we deal with situations as a community and as individuals.
This small town school is very close knit and values its' students. All faculty and staff make sure to place their students' best interests first. There is a high value placed on students' extracurricular activities as well. Students sporting events, musical and theatrical performances are actively advertised and promoted by all faculty and staff who usually attend for support.

Overall, my experience at then Goshen Local School district was the very foundation I needed to graduate and to put me on the path to my current collegiate goal. I am truly thankful for my experience.
I'm currently a junior. So far I've had a positive experience at Goshen High School. The teachers are enthusiastic about the subjects they teach. I really like Ron Edwards because he makes psychology fun and always has great advice.
The teachers where amazing they really work hard at giving people the best education they can and they really connect with the students. However the food is very bad and not much of a variety.
Goshen local schools is an amazing place where it seems like everyone cares about you and your education. Everybody that I've had as a teacher loves to teach and love what they do. Something I could change though is nothing, Goshen is an amazing place where everyone has school pride and is proud to be a Warrior.
The atmosphere at the schools are really good. There are no "cliques" and anybody can be friends with anybody. The teachers are very good at their jobs.
Goshen Local Schools overall is a well connected district that aims to grow their students. The teachers are open to input from their students and change their plans based on the students' needs.I also appreciate that the teachers and counselors in the district help students with college application question and financial aide questions. One thing that I wish would change is that instead of learning how to test for all the standardized testing, I want to learn the skills needed for real life situations like paying bills and filling our taxes.
I love my high school. The teachers I have had the privilege to learn from have become some of the most important people in my life. I view many of them as friends as well as amazing role models that have encouraged me in every step of my high school career. I have learned so much not just about my core classes but I learned skills that will help me adapt to life outside of school. like time management.
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