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I love it here in the Goshen community schools. i have been enrolled in Goshen Community Schools since Kindergarden and it has been a wonderful experience to have amazing teachers and staff who have been there for me since day one. i am a senior now and just thinking about 13 years of schooling at Goshen has taught me a lot. Something i would like to see change is probably just to have more staff that encourage and support and help students succeed not only in school but outside of school as well and to help them throughout their school years and also to create more clubs and allow students to get involved in more activities at school which will bring more people together.
Goshen highschool had given me many opportunities that I never would have gotten anywhere else. I cannot compare the opportunities I have gotten to those that come from other facilities which means that I am sorta biased towards these opportunities.
I appreciated the opportunity to take Advanced Placement & IB classes, which helped prepare me for college. Goshen High School has excellent teachers who care about the well-being of their students. GHS is a great place to grow and learn as a student. Ny first year of college seems manageable, and I am sure it is due to the excellence of my education .
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I enjoyed my years with Goshen Community Schools. I started and ended school here. Teachers, friends, academics, and athletics were all things that I valued at this school. One thing that I wish would not have happened was our mascot change during my junior year.
My experience at Goshen High School was decent I would say. I started as a Junior and didn’t have a good time at all. I didn’t know anyone so it was a little awkward. Later on I met some people that I would call friends. There are a lot of good teachers in Goshen High School if you chose more advance classes. if you take basic classes then your teachers won’t be so good.
I have attended Goshen community schools all of my academic career. Ever since i was young i never had a doubt about the education i was receiving. Every teacher that works at GCS is motivated and cares deeply about the students. No problem goes unsolved and they make sure the schools diversity is accounted for. The overall environment at GCS is very inclusive and they try their hardest to make sure every student has a voice and feels comfortable coming to school. As far as resources, id say GCS is by far the best school corporation in terms of making resources available for everyone. Whether its after school homework help or helping out low income familys, GCS is always there to help with what they can.
The biggest thing that GCS has to offer is honestly it's music department. The highschool's music department is one of the best end the state and consistently keeps improving. I have been apart of the band and the new state of the art room is easily in the top 5 best In the state without a doubt.
I believe Goshen has a bit of improving to do. Some great things about this school district is their ability to provide laptops to every student, they have great diverse teachers and students. The IB selection course is wonderful, every student has the opportunity to try and pursue IB. Some things I believe they need to improve on is the teacher staff, it seems some teachers are accepted into the job just because the district needs teachers. I've had a couple of teachers at moments who seem to not know much about the course.
I attended Goshen Schools from kindergarten through high school. I had wonderful teachers in all subjects and graded who cared about my personal success. The music program especially helped shape me as a person. I was in choir and orchestra and loved the directors and the opportunity to make music as a break from regular school work. The support the community and the school show for the arts and music program is wonderful. I was blessed to attend a school with such a strong sense of community and caring. I would choose to send my own children here and live in Goshen after college because it's where I grew up and the schools and teachers work hard for our children. We may not be the richest school district but we have the most heart.
My experience at Goshen High school was not what I expected. I had a wonderful four years learning and meeting new people. I'm grateful for all the many activities GHS has to offer, one thing I would like to see change is helping kids come up with a plan after high school I see many students with a lot of potential getting lost because they don't know the many opportunities they have to choose from.
I like the school but the students here are very diverse. Not many people get along with every single student. The teachers are great and fun.
I've overall had a good experience at Goshen. They have friendly people here, and I feel like I can get good help from teachers for my subjects.
I just like, less preferences for teacher's kids, I understand if I was a teacher I want everything for my kid, but there's more kids very exceptional kids , sometimes teacher's are mean and they maybe don't think they do that but ( my experience because happen to me) they need to put in mind what if someone else do this to my kid in other school or college they are parents too
As a graduate of Goshen Community Schools I can attest that the teachers and staff I experienced interactions with had no other goal that enriching the lives of their students and ensuring their success.
Very good environment! Growing up in this very diverse school system has helped me learn things further than academics. The teachers want you to succeed, they want you to go out in the world and do things after high school. I have always felt safe in the environment, staff members make me feel comfortable.
I like the fact that Goshen Community Schools is full of diverse people and opportunities to better students in all areas- academics, music, sports, and leadership. I feel that this school system does a great job of preparing their students for their futures and I am grateful that I have been a part of this school system for the past 12 years.
Goshen is a great school with many friendly people and staff. Only reason it's 4 out of 5 is because the have some irelavent policies the force and shove down your throat.
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It is a good area to be in and going to school at for my entire schooling career K-12. There is a lot of things you can get involved in with the school if you choose, that being clubs or sports. And the teachers are great here.
The classes are challenging when you look for them and the staff for the most part are great people to work with and will answer all questions.
Goshen, overall, has a good support system in place for its students, though it is lacking in college readiness. Staff on the other hand, is expected to figure things out for themselves and there is a lack of accountability for the administration.
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