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With a diverse faculty and student community, Goshen Central School District is very welcoming and accepting. Hundreds of adults make themselves available for help in all aspects, including academic and personal. While I, as a former student, felt comfortable going to school and would love to see my children grow up in the same environment, I do have some ideas for change. First, I believe that students of Goshen High School, as teenagers, should have more room to make decisions and grow into adults. This could include more classes that would help them in the real world, teaching them skills such as how to do taxes, how to find a job, and how to better prepare them for college. Another idea I have is involving the Elementary school. I believe that young children should be taught about the effects of bullying. I also think that problem students should be taken more seriously and faculty should delve deeper into their home lives to see what is causing these problems.
I really liked that my high school offers a wide variety of extracurricular activities. Whether it was through sports, Science Olympiad, or the Olympics of the Visual Arts, there was always something to do. I have also talked with several friends in college about our school districts, and I was shocked to know that, unlike Goshen, my friends were not exposed to the same opportunities. I also liked that the courses had several levels of difficulty. Goshen offers regular, honors, AP, and college credit courses.
I felt very connected and comfortable with my high school. Some of my best memories were formed there from all of the classes I took and the clubs and sports that I was apart of.
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Great professional teachers who care about students achievements and success. Very welcoming from the moment you enter the school.
In Goshen school students have the opportunity to participate in Science Olympiad, Odyssey of the mind, be part of girls and boys scouts, various sports like swim, basketball, lacrosse, volleyball and more.
i believe the goshen school district is a considerably good district but i do feel there could be much improvement for the current and upcoming students to feel more accepted in all aspects. There are only certain things about goshen that are amazing and welcoming, in my four years there i have never felt more welcomed then when i stepped into the music department. The only problem is everywhere else you feel kind of judged by everyone. i think the all over feel of the academic portion needs to make kids feel like they ca achieve anything not just worry about a test grade.
One thing that Goshen High School is well known for their musical productions that we put up every spring. Being apart of the school musical opened my heart to appreciating my love for theatre. I met some of my closest friends during this activity that will become life-long friends. If there's one thing I could change about Goshen is that I wish for people not to be so closed-minded, and realize there's a whole world out there.
Our children have truly bloomed within these schools. We loved that the district is small enough for everyone to get to know one another but we still get great services and attention. We initally came from a larger district that just swallowed up our kids and they had a very impersonal experience. Goshen has been such a welcome and positive change so far.
My children have truly thrived in the district. The schools are very student oriented over all else(politics, $, ect..) and take parent concerns seriously. The teachers are fantastic and seem to genuinely care about the children. We moved here from a “top-rated” Long Island district and our children have been much happier and successful within this environment. I highly recommend these schools.
the goshen school district is a great district for kids, great teachers. you can tell that the teachers really care about teaching their students
Teachers were encouraging, supportive, patient, and warm. Programs were challenging. Feel math department could be more engaging. Need more funding for the arts while too much contributed to athletics.
Goshen school district offers a variety of academics, especially in the High school. Although the courses are a little too easy the teachers treat the students with pure respect, even when the students are in the wrong. Due to the ease of the classes, the school isn't the best preparing students for college level courses but they do prepare students by offering scholarships, college fairs and college prep class (as well as several AP courses). The most disappointing aspect at Goshen is the administration, they are inconsiderate of the students and do not listen to the teachers. I would love to see them become more compromising with indivdual needs for the staff and students.
The school overall is great, the students are great, as well as the students. The facilities are alright and the administration is pretty tight on how they want to run things. The sports teams are alright, but it's mainly a soccer school, as that is the only sport they win in. I would let my kids go here, if I ever have any.
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