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I loved being a part of the Phoenix Nation. My graduation was amazing! I was lucky enough to be the first class at SHS to graduate on the football field. There are many issues with administration but the schools pretty much run ok because we have great students and great parents. I took honors classes but most of my honors teachers were not all that great at teaching. My dad was the best teacher I had while I was at SHS.
Our daughter has had a tremendous experience in this district- gifted, performing arts, academics. There are excellent teachers and administrators, and the facilities are well kept, with access to upgraded technology.
Administration and teachers do well despite being hampered by a minimal budget and limited facilities. Very focused on graduation numbers.
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The school system needs to get rid of common core and stop making it so hard for all these kids!! They need to stop treating these kids like all of them are college material. Just teach the basics!!
I love the students and the staff here. You can always find someone to go to if you need help. The campus is also nice. They maintain the campus extra clean and tidy.
I've attended to Gordon County School for twelve years. It's unique how all schools from elementary, middle, and high school interact with each other. We act like a community helping each other out when needed. Although, we have great teamwork, we should also focus on how our grading system works.
I have gone to Gordon County Schools most of my life. I love the schools and administration. The staff at each school are able to make connections with students. I would just like for the halls at the high school be a little wider.
I have gone to school in Gordon County for all of my life. The teachers and administrators in the school district care deeply about the students, and I am proud to say I go to school in Gordon County.
Overall I am very happy with my experience at a Gordon County High School. I feel like I have been challenged academically throughout my high school career. I also have had wonderful experiences with extracurricular activities that have not only been fun but opened my eyes to new experiences that I really enjoy.
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