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Goose Creek Consolidated Independent School District Reviews

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It could seem like a great school to learn from but for me it never encouraged me to better myself. I’ve struggled throughout the years with no help even when I asked
Goose Creek Consolidated Independent School District is such a great school district .Everyone has great attitudes and its like a family environment.
I enjoyed the AP courses I took during my past high school career. I also enjoyed the dual credit classses I took, they were very helpful and interesting.
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I like the academic resources they provide their students. I would like to see the district take more action on the different schools.
What I like about Goose Creek is that nobody is a stranger. The whole district seems like one big family. Some of the schools have intense rivalries, but it's all good fun. Some students' families work within the district so just about everyone knows everyone on a first name basis. I think it's great to have familiarity in a community as big as Goose Creek.
What I personally like about Goose Creek, is that they are always willing to help in a time of need. They definetly helped when Harvey hit allowing students to have free and reduce lunch for a good period of time, supplying students with schools supplies, and even just hosting uplifting events.
I would like the curriculum to be based of critical thinking and college readiness instead of just test.
I loved the staff. they made school feel like a second home. when I went to school I loved it. the teachers were great and always helped me with my work and never had a bad attitude.
My school district is very hands on, We give back to the community and we work together to make changes and lift our learning experiences. We are one of the top 100 districts in the state of Texas. Our district has a programs that help teachers with funds so our learning experiences are more hands on and more interesting for the students. Our district strives for its students to succeed and has given us opportunities to get college credit while in high school. Which is a huge deal for student in high school. The only thing that i would change about our school district is our school times, they are too late.
This coming year will be my fourth year at Goose Creek Memorial High School. My favorite thing about it is the fact that there are clubs and organizations for every type of student; it's also easy for a student to create their own organization if they feel no existing club is for them. For me, MCJROTC, Explorers, and AVID have guided me in ways I could never have asked for. However, there are still existing problems. For instance, a teacher has threatened to call security on a girl because she had a little of her shoulder showing. This is a common occurrence- girls are sent home for their clothing or sent to ISS, interrupting their studies. Overall, I love this district and would not want to attend any other school.
It is an average school district. It could use some work but overall it is a very nice school district.
GCCISD does not know what they are doing, they do not know how to utilize their funds correctly, and teachers in this district are constantly leaving because after they move to the district, they find out that they do not get paid enough and the district is failing terribly. There aren’t enough bus drivers for all the new buses they bought with the money they don’t have.
Although I have not been at Goose Creek Independent School District for very long, I am not very fond of it. I think the school district handles very serious situations poorly.
GCCISD is a great school district. The administration is very involved with the community and its students. They also keep everyone very informed. Although, like anywhere they do have their short comings. The school board is made up of people who don't have children in school, so their decisions sometimes are ridiculous. Other than that, everything is great. They care about the safety of their students and their quality of time at school.
Goose creek memorial high school is a very great school because I have met many people and great teachers in my high school career. Teachers and staff are very supportive and very helpful with their knowledge for students.
It is a great district overall, although it lacks some things, we have some of the best teachers and it is a very diverse district.
They have a great teaching skill, and always making sure you are successful and ready to graduate. I been there for many years and now about to graduated from this district. And because for them I am going to be very successful in the future.
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With the exception of some teachers there are very hard working staff members who’s make your everyday school activities into a comfortable environment. There’s many student involvement around the community and we raise Baytown very well.
I've been going to gccisd the majority of my life. Some teachers care while others are waiting for retirement. The food is horrendous are smells terrible. The budget is balanced horribly and they do NOT listen to community concerns i.e. changing school times.
Gccisd is a good district it very friendly and fun i love it. i’ve been with this district for 12 years and i love how nice they’re and how they make us always feel safe i while in their campuses.
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