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Overall my experience at Goodrich Area Schools was a good one. The academics are challenging if you take the right courses. However it would be nice for there to be more class choices and club opportunities. The diversity of the school is also quite poor, being a minority student can be frustrating at times.
Some teachers are great at what they do, others shouldn’t have ever become a teacher. For the most part it’s just a decent school there’s nothing special but nothing too awful. The cafeteria food isn’t the greatest but that’s what you’ll find at most high schools. The administration seems to get more strict every year. In such a small town and school district everyone knows everyone for the most part, which can be seen as good or bad. Our athletic programs are all above average, we have a really nice football field which is Astro turf.
I am a parent to a sophomore at Goodrich high. He has an IEP. I have never in my life seen a school more on board with assisting us as parents and our child in any way they can. I love this school!
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What I like about Goodrich is the small community, small school setting. For being a new student its very welcoming and easy to adapt. The educators are very supportive to the students and give as much help as possible. If i were to change something about Goodrich it would be the preparation stage to move on to college. I feel their isn't much to offer kids to prepare for college.
The teachers were absolutely fantastic and created a relaxed and healthy learning environment. Classes were flexible and the office and councilors were friendly and helpful. The only real downsides were the poor school lunches and the fact that an unweighted GPA system was used up until this year. There has also not been a consistent principal throughout my high school career. We are currently on our third and hopefully final principal, and he seems like a good man who will finally cement the leadership at Goodrich High School. Overall my experience was overwhelmingly positive with only a few minor gripes about largely unimportant issues. The main focus of high school, academics, was handled extremely well and handled in a satisfactory manner.
Goodrich is a good school to go to. The teachers are very helpful and understanding. I am going into my third year of hugh school there. Goodrich is very small. Everyone knows everyone.
Although I am a junior at Goodrich High School, I moved to the school in middle school after moving around fairly often. The absolute best part of Goodrich is its community. All high school stereotypes are left at the door, and almost all of the students are extremely friendly and helpful. Whether this is because our small population or something else, its so nice to avoid cliques and such. The majority of the teachers are very nice and helpful, so much so that I have actually become very good friends with many of them and feel completely comfortable coming to them with my problems. There are a select few which are significantly harsher with grades or stricter with policies that are less open to a friendly relationship and more likely to devolop a strictly professional one. In spite of personalities, if a student is willing to actually try in classes, they will learn and do well.
Goodrich offers a wide selection of courses and opportunities for students. The teachers are dedicated and excited to be in the classroom. Their sports teams do quite well in their conferences. Also the school counselors work hard to guide students through their freshman year to senior year.
I liked the small town vibe. its been easy to get along/make friends with people. not a lot of classes are offered here though, making it harder to really learn things that interest a student.
Some teachers were great but others sometimes didn’t bother to teach. The school also didn’t provide students with books or calculators because they didn’t have enough.
All of the teachers were very helpful and encouraging. I never had a “bad” teacher. The counselors were very involved in our future goals and made sure we were set up for success. They forced us to make a future plan of some sort, which I found very helpful. I have nothing bad to say about Goodrich. I genuinely am greatful that I went there. This district is a district I wouldn’t mind working in when I start teaching in the future.
I love everything about my school, I have learned so much from the teachers and administrators. I love the small town family feel of my high school, so much so that I have found a college here in Michigan that has the exact same feeling.
I enjoyed the teachers I had and never really had an issue with any of them. Also, we had a variety of courses we could take so we didn’t have to stick with heading down the same path as everyone else. One big issue for me though, is that the district focuses much more on sports and not as much on academics or clubs. This is shown by the fact that I’m most schools if you don’t have a C or D, you can’t play. However, you need to somehow get an E to not be allowed to play. They need to focus more on academics overall, but they are getting better at it as time goes on.
Goodrich is a small community and the close connection we share makes it a great environment to grow up in. The smaller school means not as many chances for clubs and activities and not as many class options especially ones for college readiness. The high school in particular is an older building that frequently experiences issues and would just be a better environment to learn in if the classes weren't either super hot or super cold and the toilets weren't always breaking and the ceilings always leaking. But nevertheless it's a nice school district and one I highly recommend.
I liked the educational system and the positive atmosphere Goodrich provides, the staff worked hard to ensure the learning of their students but the only thing I would change about the school district, disban the school of choice policy. We, Goodrich, as a community are smaller in size and our population behaves as family but with the school of choice students infultrating our community, the school district is becoming a mess.
At Goodrich, you either have a good teacher or you have a terrible teacher. There's not much in between. The staff, while being friendly, is very caught up in themselves and the social hierarchy of the school. Teachers often pick favorites and the office faculty shows little to no compassion for the students.
I am a senior at GHS, and I have never found it to be an unsafe environment. It has given me the opportunity to build up my education by taking AP classes. Although the after school clubs are somewhat unorganized, what it organized is done well. We are known for our sports and our theatre.
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High school was fun, had lots of friends and it felt like the teachers cared about me. Feels like I graduated at just the right time, starting to here some negative experiences now.
Goodrich is a very close knit community. Everyone knows each other in some way. Teachers make close bonds with students, and often times teachers may have taught several generations of families. This school district is friendly and really focuses on bettering its students.
Close nit, very welcoming community. High expectations for every student and very well individual attention with most class sizes no higher than 27. Great sports program and one of a kind community.
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