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Goochland County Public Schools Reviews

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very friendly and opening to all. great educational system with teachers engaged in the success of your future
I like how the faculty and staff are kind there. And the school is very safe. I am a alumni from Goochland High and I felt like they did their best to make sure that I was ready for college. They had a lot of variety classes that I could take to get me ready for the career that I want to pursue in.
This is a very friendly and well kept district. I have met some nice people who have helped myself and others fulfill their educational needs.
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Goochland County Public Schools are very special places. Goochland is not a very big county, and that is something I cherish. There are three elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. The elementary schools have a uniform feeling with the same designs and layouts, and additionally with teachers and principals that care and try their best to provide for their students. This is the same all the way throughout Goochland schools. Having a small community allows for students to interact and create relationships with their teachers. As a student, it made me feel like I truly mattered. Along with the top notch education, Goochland took me in and made the schools a home away from home. The janitorial staff also worked their tails off, and they made the halls and bathrooms clean as can be. The floors were clean, the bathrooms were neat, and the walls were not destroyed by writing. It's been a true blessing to live in Goochland and attend its public schools.
This school has great things to offer us students. Great clubs and gets us ready for when we grow up to be adults.
Goochland High School was an amazing experience. I enjoyed Goochland due to the activities provided to the students, the interaction between teacher and students, and relationships built with classmates. Sports was an escape for me from my school work load and home life it allowed for me get release negative energy in a positive way. My teachers were amazing! They always put in extra hours after school to help me in studying and understanding chapters that were difficult. Lastly, the students were my friends. We might not have always liked each other but we were always civil. I feel that Goochland needs to improve on their food in the Cafeteria.
This is our family's second full school year and the difference is astounding. Our previous school system was a great one, however Goochland schools have helped our two children excel even farther in academics as well as socially. Thank you for all that everyone does each day to make all of our kids be at their best.
My experience at Goochland County Public Schools was a great one. The teachers are very kind and caring. They will help you in any way you need to succeed.
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