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Gonzales Unified School District Reviews

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What I like about Gonzales High School is that since it is not a big school most of us all know each other and I feel safe attending this school.
My experience in Gonzales high school has been good and memorable. But somethings that I believe they should change are there teachers, because we need teachers to help us out not teachers who cant control a class and don't know how to teach.
I liked how Gonzales high school can be very friendly and welcoming, although would like to see Gonzales High School to use their money wisely and on their student's.
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Liked the fact that school tried hard to improve in all facets. However, needs to continue to work on improving teacher performance and to raise expectations.
What I liked most was the student involvement in sports and activities. Most of the teachers were great and truly awesome teachers that made it easy to have a good relationship with.
Gonzales Unified School District is very poor. About 3/4 of the students are economically disadvantaged and set back because of this. Most of the teachers are not very good at teaching, with the exception of a few teachers who really care about the students. The academics at Gonzales are really low, with the math department being the worse.
I liked that the schools are small and the teaching staff works with the families to help the child achieve the expectations.
Attending Gonzales High School has been the most superb years to prepare me to strive throughout and build up into my career path. With the help of my teachers and staff have impacted my high school experience with providing resources to achieve and expand. Based upon workshops provided by these mentors have influenced me to go beyond and experience many opportunities. One of the most amazing experiences I’ve had was going on a trip to Washington D.C. This trip was splendid, I learned more in depth the historical events, how it impacted people’s life, and how it established today’s government. Gonzales High School also provides us students with a rigorous, dynamic, and essential curriculum with diverse opportunities to succeed and thrive. The change Gonzales High School would need is getting more volunteers to help with small-group activities, reading to children, or correcting papers for teachers. Sharing our time and talents with one another to build relationship.
Gonzales High School is a perfect size school but would be better if more resources were available to help the students. This high school is very small and the resources are minimal. There are not much programs in high school for these students.
I have lived in Gonzales my entire life and since it is a small town I know pretty much everyone in my grade. The school does not offer many AP courses which I would like to change. There also isn't many classes offered just the basic general changes. The administration does not listen very well to complaints about bad teachers or listen to our problems.
Overall Gonzales helped me get into the college of my choice. Many teachers are very encouraging along with staff that are there and genuinely care for students.
I loved how much teachers showed their passion for teaching . I would like to see the district actauly do their job
it was friendly and fun and educational had the time of my life there. the community is awesome. and I did every club
GUSD is a school district that does not prepare you for life after high school. The diversity is close to none since the majority of students are Hispanic. The teachers are not determined to teacher the student rather driven by pay. I would like to see a change in the way the whole system is ran. Yes, GUSD tries to get parents involved and students, but humanity can see through the act of caring.
Wonderful high school that allows each individual to express themselves and to learn a lot. The community is great so everyone feels welcome. The school environment is what makes this school really great.
Gonzales Unified School District is a great district and I loved going to school in that district. Yes, Gonzales Unified School District has a few flaws and it's not perfect but what is.
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Gonzales High School does not offer the same amount of advanced placement classes as other schools in the area. I liked the relationships I made with teachers over the years.
I heard about Niche from my school counselor. My counselor encouraged me to try out this website and I really loved it. This website provides many scholarships you can apply to and are very easy to do so. I wouldn't change anything about NICHE.
Gonzales High School is an okay school. Many student hang out with a groups. No fights or drama in campus. Clubs and Technology is improving for our school. Some teachers really care of students education future. Sadly, The lunch has not improved.
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