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Golden Valley Unified School District Reviews

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The community is very welcoming. All student and staff allow for an easy and safe environment. Everyone is able to be themselves without feeling worried or judged.
It is a small but nice community and since it is small everyone knows everyone. The school campus is small but I like the small campus since its easier to get to class.
While attending the Golden Valley School District, I enjoyed many things. The staff was great and the campuses were amazing. The teachers show that they care, and they do whatever they can to help you understand the subject. The campuses were never dirty they all looked amazing all the time.
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Golden Valley created a small school atmosphere that was perfect for those awkward years of growing up. Not only were the teachers so helpful and excited to teach, they actually created a safe learning environment in which students felt free to excel and ask for help if they needed it. I had such an amazing time during the 2 years that I attended school there. I wish that I could go back and relive it all over again. I absolutely love the experiences and the friendships that I have made with most of the teachers and faculty on campus at that school.
I liked the small town feel. The community is very involved and active. However, because of the small size and isolation, there is a severe lack of funding, opportunities and recognition for students.
From elementary, middle, and high school, my golden valley unified school district experience was superb. Growing up in a small community gave everyone a sense of closeness and reliability. Staff members actually knew the students and their families and vice versa. Such a great community. My experience was priceless.
Golden Valley Unified School District is a small close school district. It offers good classes in a safe environment. You are able to be involved in different sports, clubs and organizations. The teachers are willing to help and volunteer their time. You make great friendships.
I'm a senior at Liberty High school. This is a school that does go beyond the bare minimum of high school requirements and provides a welcoming atmosphere for those who attend. However, while there is a wide array of clubs for students to participate in as well as opportunity to create their own, the classes available are quite limited. While LHS does have the courses needed for its students to graduate and attend a local college, it is lacking in terms of giving them the chance to go out of state or to an Ivy League college. I truly hope that Liberty will grow in the coming years to ensure more options for its graduates. In the mean time, Liberty teaches students to make the most of their resources and is home to supportive teachers, strong administration, and lively students.
Most people there are very nice and helpful. It's a small school so everyone knows each other and most of the time are willing to help one another.
The high school needs more hands on electives such as auto shop, home economics, welding etc. Continues to grow as a school district. Sports do very well although compete against smaller schools.
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