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I think Goffstown had many our going and friendly staff members. It’s very organized compared to the city schools and it’s hands on. I didn’t like that there wasn’t much diversity to the school.
A recent alumni. It’s a pretty standard school. Very accommodating. Teachers are usually very nice to be around.
I think Goffstown High School is a great place. I have met so many great friends, had so many learning opportunities to go above and beyond, and the school spirit is through the roof. The teachers make it a happy, healthy learning space and are always encouraging us to push to our greatest potential.
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I like how it is small and nothing major really happens. I would like to change how you have to take art to graduate if you’re not going to school to further your education for art.
The Goffstown School District has been a great place to be educated for all of my years being involved in it. From being a multi-sport athlete to a strong student, the entire district has been a great fit for myself and students of all academic levels as well.
I was bullied at this school. Although academics were excellent, the school failed to step in when I was being bullied. I would like to see a better system to deal with bullying.
All the teachers want you to succeed, great atmosphere, Amazing programs and a bunch of awesome classes to take!
Curriculum and staff is very good. Teachers care about the student and administrators do their best to make sure all students are set up for success.
I'm homeschooled but I have friends that go there. I did XC with them and there are great people and I made some awesome friends. It's a good school and if I went to school, it would definitely be goffstown high school.
Goffstown high school is incredibly good at helping students when they need it and catering to every individual student’s interests.
I thought the academics were challenging and effective. I graduated in 2016 and had the opportunity to take numerous AP classes, accelerating my education. The teachers were incredible and knowledgeable.
Goffstown High School was a great experience, it has everything you need to make a great high school. Some of the nicest teachers, who are willing to go out of their way to make sure each students gets exactly what they need to be successful.
Goffstown School District has very competent teachers and administrators. They strive to keep parents informed about all that is going on within the district.
Goffstown is a cute little town, great for young and old families alike. The school district is amazing, and Goffstown High School ranks high every year at the state level with test scores. The elementary schools are pretty outdated, but Glenn Lake Kindergarten, the Goffstown High School, and Mountain View Middle School have done a good job trying to stay updated. The teachers are nice and do all they can to help their students, and administration allows the schools to run smoothly. Like any school, the cafeteria food isn’t the best, but again, the food staff are really nice and work their butts off for the kids.
My experience at Goffstown High School has been tremendous and has prepared me for college as well as a high school ever should. Throughout my time at my school I have played two sports lacrosse and football which everyone on the team is there to just get better and win but also have a good time. The relationship I’ve built with my teammates and coaches is a bond that will never be broken. That’s what I see when I look at Goffstown High it’s a huge loving community that gets its students ready for college and maybe even just life after high school. And if I could do it all over again I would.
Like all teenagers would say, high school is hard. I had my fair share of ups and downs, but I grew close with some amazing teachers at GHS. Without the passionate staff members working there, I wouldn’t be who I am today. Most teachers genuinely care about students lives, and they show their passion for teaching.
Goffstown School district is a wonderful district for parents and their children to build a life long community.
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I enjoyed my education here. The teachers and the friends I made were absolutely amazing. However the administration here is absolutely terrible. The administrators and guidance counselors have made my experience very unenjoyable. They put me down and made me very uncomfortable throughout my time here. They force ideals upon the students that are unrealistic and do not provide any help for the future.
Way too centered around sports. If you're not a star player that will bring fame to the high school they could care less about you.
I'd lie to see more diversity and acceptance in the community as that would flow into the schools. There is very little in the way of minority peoples and acceptance of those peoples is limited.
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