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Glenbrook High Schools District 225 Reviews

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The lack of diversity at the Glenbrooks is astonishing!!!!! I have trouble believing this District could not find / hire more African American teachers that are just as qualified as a white teacher.
Glenbrook North does an amazing job preparing students for success in college. The only major quality that it lacks is diversity. Sports events at GBN are fun and attended by many, making them a great way to spend time with friends and family. GBN really is a community, although sometimes it can be snobby and overly competitive.
I have never had one bad teacher at GBS, most have been super helpful and genuinely care about if you understand the material. But to be honest school is school and most people at south have to push through to attend the fun part, activities. Now the activities are a shining star in our school, there are a bunch of opportunities to find a club or activity you love and friends who you will love too. Overall I’ve really enjoyed going to Glenbrook South cause they are progressive and will listen to students, sometimes..., they have fired 2 people in the last year that have GREATLY deserved it and students are happy :).
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Very friendly, hard-working teachers and instructors who seek out the best in all students. The main goal for all is student success, tailored to each individual student.
I attended Glenbrook South High School, and it was one of the best years of my life. I was given so many opportunities to participate in events and found my passions through this school. I was involved in extracurricular activities and sports all four years and encountered the best staff, coaches, and classmates. The teachers really cared about their students’ wellbeing and future academic career. I felt very prepared to enter college and the real world through the preparations and resources available to me as a student. In terms of something that I would like improved, I would have to make note of the reputation that certain sports teams have at this school. Sometimes my badminton team would have to change our practice times to give preference to the other basketball or volleyball teams to practice or have games, and it felt unfair to us that we would have to revolve our season around the other teams. Oftentimes it seemed as if we were seen to have less importance to the school.
I was a transfer student in my sophomore year and did not have the best experiences. My old town was a small, tight-knit community of about 200 students per grade and whenever there was a new student, everyone would try to meet them and figure out whether or not that student would fit into their group. Either way, everyone eventually found a crowd and then became integrated into the community. At GBS, I never felt that way. I was just another face in the crowd and nobody knew who you were, nor did they care. While the teachers were very helpful in terms of getting through the school year academically, socially I felt very distant from everyone. I tried out new clubs, I tried to meet kids at lunch, and I tried to talk to people in my classes. Half of the students judged me for trying to be a little outgoing and the other half were already had their own friends. There was a point where I just stopped trying to meet new people and just tried to get through the school year.
I've been in GBS for 4 years and I think the school is full of teachers and staff who are committed to getting to know their students, establishing connections, and providing them with quality education.
Glen-brook South is a great school. It has so many clubs you could get lost in the diversity. There is truly a voice for everyone. The teachers and staff do a great job preparing students for college and beyond, although some slack off there are more good teachers than bad ones. The Math and Science Department are something beyond imagination on the flip side they have many history corses that one can simply not find else where. Some of witch I have been very grateful to take advantage of in my time. If you like sports South students have a huge passion and dedication for there team and school spirt. GO SOUTH!!
As a sophomore at GBN, I have yet to experience the complete high school journey. In my freshman year, I had an unpleasant encounter with a teacher. The situation was slightly racist as she only pointed my fault out despite my other white classmates doing the same exact action. The teacher then proceeded to get very close to my face which was very concerning as this situation took place during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Going off of this experience, I think it is very important to note the lack of diversity. The school has a predominately white population. Along with this, the teachers often assign a heavy load of work but do provide help if needed. Moving on to sports, a new student can feel very left out as it is can be based off of connections. Overall, GBN can be a stressful environment that needs to be more about supporting the students rather than strictly academics.
Glenbrook South High School gave me an incredible learning experience. I had easy access to challenging Honors and AP courses, and great teachers to prepare me for finals and AP tests. When I graduated and moved on to university, I felt like my first year was a bit of a relaxation, given that Glenbrook South's rigor is so strong. If there was ever a school that taught me grit, important life skills, and connected me with some excellent role models and peers, then it's Glenbrook South.
The staff is great and dedicated to their work. The students all share an enthusiasm for learning. There are tons of activities to choose from, and any student can find a home at South!
Most of the teachers I've had in my high school career have been engaging and caring. Whenever a student needs help or has questions, it is easy to find help because there are so many free resources provided for the students.
Nice building, good staff, friendly environment. Academics are difficult, but definitely worth it as they will help you get into some really good colleges. Lots of opportunities for sports and clubs, there's definitely something for everyone who wants to get involved.
Glenbrook South High School provides excellent resources for students during all 4 years of their schooling. There are constantly more courses and electives in all fields that are available to be taken. Glenbrook South allows its students to pursue anything they want to. The schools' administrators want all of the students to succeed and leave with a fond memory of the school.
I really like going to Glenbrook North High School. I think the teachers and students are great people and the atmosphere is fantastic.
Wonderful experience, and best education in the state. I went from being a beneficiary of the annual food drive to being fortunate enough by my senior year to organize it as student body president!
I think Glenbrook South really prepared students for college. Great administration, facilities, and resources.
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I really enjoyed Glenbrook South Highschool, I think they offer a variety of classes/electives depending on what you want to do in the future. South has provided me with a lot of experience in possible future careers/majors I am considering.
I love the extracurricular activities and electives courses, but just like most students, I find it hard to engage in the material learned in class.
The high school district in a way prepares you for college in the sense that you are overloaded with work and have and expectation that is far fetched. The only students in the school that have resources are those who are way ahead and are achieving beyond the established milestones or are needing more assistance to meet these so-called milestones. If you are in the middle it can feel as though you don’t exist. There are many teachers here who care deeply for their students and have great wisdom to share, but there are a great number who are coasting through until retirement because they are tenured. The academic counseling staff need to be interviewed and vetted more to ensure they are equipped with the knowledge and skills to best support students rather than shooting down all their dreams. Overall it’s not outstanding long good nor bad, just mediocre.
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