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The Gilbert Unified School district is a diverse district ripe with different opportunities; such as great band, orchestra, and choir programs, good football teams, and engaging academic clubs. However, the administration can be very difficult, and not very helpful. Having to contact the school's administration often means that you will have to talk to someone very short and unwelcoming. The administration seems to cut corners, and sometimes does not have the students' best interest in mind.
This is a great school district because it is very diverse and there are lots of clubs and sports for students o get involved in.
Overall my experience hasn't been particularly negative. The school board has made some selfish decisions recently regarding budget and school boundaries. However, as far as education goes, I feel as if my needs have been met as a student.
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Very good school district.The one thing I do have to complain about is the high-school bell schedule.We have to wake up way to early.My mom also works at a school and she starts 2 hours after me!Don’t even get me started with A-hour.It should NOT be an option to have an hour start at 6:30! I wake up at 5am every school day to make this class and it’s not like I live that far either.they justify “oh it’s optional” but dedicated students will do anything so they can take the classes they need. My ahour class is only offered ahour.I have to get up at this time!I’m so tired at the end of lunch that I fall asleep in the next class. I got to bed at 9:00pm.I think they really need to plan out schedules for student better. lots of my friends have hours where they have no class at all because their schdule was messed up.GPS has amazing teachers who love what they do but they need to fix the school schedules.
My overall experience with Gilbert Unified Schools District has had its ups and downs but its alright. They get the job done.
I spent 12 years in this district as a student as well as my older sister. We spent a bit of time transferring around the district and the school-to-school consistency was excellent. The schools within the district did a good job at communicating with each other and even using their closeness to each other as fun competition to involve students. The parent and student resource on and off campus were easy to access and use.
Gilbert Unified School District is a really good district that offers important classes. They also provide a good schedule that benefits students, teachers, and administration. I also receive a strong education that will provide me with a successful future. Gilbert Schools Teachers are really good. They teach to students weaknesses and connect to their students.
This school district is terrible about caring for your child and the parent child dynamic. Teachers are awful. I had some of my kids kindergarten classes being yelled at constantly by a teacher for reasons that are baffling. That same teacher would allow kids to go to the bathroom so children were constantly coming home in peed in clothing...this teacher is still there this year too. Administration is a joke, bad attitudes, disrespectful and are there for a paycheck, not your child's well being. Children get 20 minutes to eat lunch....we don't even ask that of grown adults. They also only get 1 recess for the younger grades for the whole 7 hours they are there. They do not have your child's overall well being and development at the forefront of what they do.
I have been with Gilbert Unified School district for all 13 years of my educational learning. Going from elementary to junior high to high school have been a wonderful experience through the Gilbert Unified School District.
Gilbert Unified School District was a very good school district to be a part of because of the sense of community that had been built up throughout the years by past and current families in the school district.
The lack of diversity as well as cultural obliviousness makes for a difficult road to change, which is absolutely necessary to progress with the times.
Great teachers and sports programs. Schools are pretty safe and well kept. not much diversity. One religion makes up the majority of certain schools.
The Gilbert Unified District cares very much about the education of the students within their district and have very high standards for the success of their students. I felt that I was taught very well and was supported every step of the way through every year of my schooling.
I have been a Highland for a few years and have loved the entire school. People ask me where I go and they have heard of my school on the news word of mouth. The one thing I would change is the special education classrooms they are underfunded and understaffed.
Academics was great. Sports nots so good. Sports are very political. Best players don’t play. Coaches are below average regarding knowledge of sport and coaching techniques.
Great school! I'm happy to have attended. Lots of diversity in opportunities. Only complaint would be the classrooms are often freezing! I usually wear long sleeved shirts even when hot outside for this reason.
My experience with Gilbert Unified School District, more specifically Highland High School, has been pretty good. The teachers really care about their students being successful in their class. There is a wide variety of classes available and a deep encouragement for students to challenge themselves. Not to mention, there seems to be an endless opportunity for community and school involvement through clubs and activities. However, I think it would benefit everyone if there were more diversity in our student population. This would bring with it more cultures that would allow the students and staff to open up to new possibilities. Another thing I think my school could improve on would be the counselor communication with their students. I personally feel I have missed out on a lot of important information and opportunities because I wasn't made aware of them.
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Very little bullying, prior to here, I was bullied a lot. But very nice district. I'm very comfortable at this district, I've been here for four years now. The teachers are very determined and are helpful when students don't understand the lecture.
I really enjoyed being apart of the Gilbert public school district. The teachers care and interact with the students in a good way. The things I disliked about the district were that the schools are a little dirty and a lot of things kept breaking, like bathroom sinks, water fountains, and more.
The staff at my school is the reason I live it so much. The teachers take the time to get to know their students and to help them succeed in every possible way. There are so many opportunities for me to be involved and set myself for success in the future and I have the support to do so. The only thing I struggle with is the lack of diversity and acceptance of people who are different from one another.
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