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Personally, I have enjoyed Georgetown Middle High School so far despite a few issues. Some things that stood out to me was how safe the school is, the great community it is and how it feels to be apart of it. Although, some minor disadvantages to the school are the fact that some teachers are less than stellar and the school is not diverse in the slightest. However, the school still gives you a positive high school experience and many students proceed to a nice college.
This is a good school environment for anyone. At Georgetown High school you will be safe, well taught, and encouraged throughout your years to be the best student you can be. The environment is a good one as far as high schools go, and will foster a lot of learning. Overall, this school is one of the bests to send your children to.
Georgetown schools are small yet diligent. This town has very small class sizes compares to others, but this only improves the way all the students learn. The teachers are extremely helpful and they always want the best for their students. Georgetown schools always make sure their students are safe and have the best classes possible while challenging students to achieve their best grades.
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Good academics. I felt as thought the curriculum prepared us well for college, including classes such as research. I wish there were more AP offerings but I know it can be difficult at a small school. Most teachers are really good and others are ok. Overall good experience here.
Overall the school is a good community. however, the educational programs could be improved and the preparation for college is lacking.
I enjoyed connecting with my good friends however I would appreciate seeing more clubs and organizations instituted at the school as well as more advanced placement classes so that students are able to carry more credits over when they attend college.
I would like to see change in the schools atmosphere. I feel like administration doesn't do much to change the atmosphere at the school for students. They all seem to have the same attitude we do.
GMHS is a great school. Teachers are great. Needs More pupil spending. Sports are expensive. More arts programs needed. More cultural classes needed.
The school itself is good- nothing is falling apart, nothing is amazing. The school is very small and not diverse— the only minorities are from poorer surrounding towns. The sports teams could switch leagues (Cape-Ann has too many big schools). The culture of the students in general is lots of bullying cliques, and discrimination. The classes in high school are limited. There are only 6 APs -Calc, USH, Bio, English, Gov, and Psych. The school really limits classes to certain grades which is unnecessary, and its a school rule not one of the states. The school offers a handful of clubs- inclusive to sport players, all of the meetings are usually 15 min before school every other week. It’s great for college, but not if you actually want to participate. The new principal this year Mr. Richards has been great, and the teachers also have always been great (and deserve to get paid more!). Another problem as, along with many others is teaching for MCAS, not to learn.
I like the small town atmosphere. The sports teams and facilities were great. There was many opportunities as an athlete and student.
I liked at my High school the small classes and the rigerous AP classes. I would like for the buisness program to be bigger, there to be computer programing classes offered before high school
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