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I have experienced caring teachers and school staff. There has been a very good sense of genuine caring about the student.
Gaston county schools has a magnificent community that makes everyone feel like family. The schools are welcoming with staff that are pleased to meet you.
It's okay. There are some very good and caring teachers, but the people in positions to make education decisions have very little experience as educators.
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Gaston County Schools and specifically South Point are mediocre at best. The school has a few amazing teachers, but the rest of the teachers seem to hate their job or just not care in general. The food tastes awful, and the administration is completely useless. The school is pseudo safe, with random wandings that happen once a year, surprise drills that nobody executes properly, and strict polices on leaving campus that are completely unenforceable because the campus is so open.
The teachers are very helpful and are interested in your success. Tutors are available if any student needs help, teachers will give out resources for any needs to students both inside and outside of school, the homework and the environment itself prepares students for college.
My experience isn't that bad. I've been in the gaston county school system for 4 years now and i'm enjoying the teachers and the students I encounter on a daily basis. The only things that I'd change is having a yearlong classes instead of just one semester and the food in the lunchroom.
Gaston County Schools are wonderful communities. The school I went to was Cherryville High School. Although it is small, it is a very tight knit and personal school where everyone knows each other’s names and teachers make lasting bonds with students. I hope that Gaston County Schools can get more funds to further the progress of all the schools and students of the community.
The thing that I enjoy the most about Gaston County School is that the culture of the my school, Hunter Huss High School, is very family oriented and for the most part the teachers and student services staff are exceptional. This I believe is because we have a lot of alumni (30) on the staff that knows what our school is really about and how we have overcome the stereotype that has been given to our school for many years. I can't speak for other schools because I have never been there, but I do know first hand even before I got here, what my school has endured and I would like to see that change. I would also like to see the administration of Gaston County Schools see my generation differently. I feel that the ones of us that strive to do great things re not given the chances that we should be given because of some of the bad seeds. Some of us will return to make the difference that we want to see.
I have been attending Gaston County Schools for the whole 12 years of my education. Each school that I have attended have put their best foot forward to give their students the best experience that they can possibly give them. They create atmospheres that promote and encourage their students to do well. If I could ask for one more thing to be brought into Gaston County Schools, it would have be an expanse in every schools technology department. If each school in the county could be able to teach their students with advanced technology, then I believe that the students would be more prepared for the future.
Both my children and myself have always attended Gaston county schools. The teachers are caring, supportive and go the extra mile for their students. Have always had outstanding teachers and staff. The school setting in our hometown is small and very community involved.
My experience was not the best or the worst, it was average. One thing I would suggest would be to revamp a lot of the administration stuff. Especially the staff as the ones I have encountered in the public school system "played favorites" and intentionally started drama much too often.
So far my experience has been okay. I would like there to be more choices for high school electives and more clubs to join.
I mean as far as schools go they are not the worst. They could certainly be better by doing more to stop bullying and preventing drugs from being sold. The lunches are decent and the classrooms are generally pretty clean. Most teachers try their best
to teach the children but a lot of time ends up being wasted from telling the same kids over and over to be quiet. The discipline needs to be kicked up a notch in my opinion. I personally have had teachers who were innapropriate and childish and they got away with their behavior unless a child's parent came to the school with a complaint. It shouldn't have to get that far in my opinion.
There should be a better screening for teachers and more observation of their behavior.
Overall, the experience depends on you, your personality and how lucky you are.
It wasn't a very pleasant experience for me and I checked to leave early but I'm sure some people enjoyed their time there.
My overall experience with Gaston County Schools has been great. I would like to see more textbooks available to use outside of the classroom.
Gaston county schools are decent if you take your classes and try your best you should be fine . I think that the regular classes should teach you what you need to prepare you for college not just teach that to the honors classes
It was an alright experience nothing too bad and no discrimination on race.everyone I’ve ever met were all really good people only problem was that readiness wise they really don’t set you up for success
I enjoy attending Highland School of Technology. However, the adminstration can be very difficult to work with. They do not allow students to be involved in as much as we would like to be involved in. They also are very strict. But overall you receive fantastic opportunities as well as a great education from wonderful teachers.
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Was not the best public school experience until I was given a scholarship by the county. Overall, they gave me opportunity and I appreciate what they have provided me.
Out of all of my school experience the teachers have been great and teach amazingly. My only problem is literally anyone and everyone can graduate at my school even if they never show up, then we have credit recovery and all of these other things that kids do. I think it’s important we let them fail every once in a while.
These schools are a mix of passionate and entirely unmotivated teachers. My experience has not been great until I came to high school at Gaston Early College High School, where we receive support from taxpayers and from Gaston College. Overall, the buildings of Gaston County schools are a little run down and dirty, but I turned out okay going here, so it's not too bad. Just too little funding for buildings, upkeep, books, and such.
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