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I have had a wonderful experience here in high school. Garland Isd has a partnership with Eastfield College they offer superior academics and dual credit, Advanced placement classes, great sports and fine arts programs. They have an award winning band, cheerleaders and sports programs. Currently they have offered the Dallas County promise to all students and their parents.
Garland ISD has been the best district we have been in. Teachers are wonderful and very knowledgeable. I have been very happy and satisfied with all the learning my child has had in GISD!!
They teachers can connect with the students on a personal basis at times. It is not perfect but no school is they do throw amazing events like the neon pep rally and the homecoming assemblies are very fun
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I love gisd because we hold really fun events, and we always get the students and community involved. We also have a lot of great opportunities here that could greatly benefit us in the future.
GISD is the school district I am currently enrolled in and I can say that I have been well thought by teachers and the resources that are provided at schools. They have a variety of programs for different careers, as well as clubs and sports for students to be able and join.
Great school district! They always try their best to keep everyone happy for example this year seniors 2020 thought they weren't gonna have a graduation ceremony but thanks to the board and the superintendent they made the in person graduation possible!! Many thanks to all the hard working educators in GISD such an amazing school district with a lot of potential to be one of the best in Texas!
Garland ISD is just as average as any other school. Safety precautions are just about the same anywhere else. Teachers vary from good to bad just as normal as any other school district. Though there isn’t anything special that comes along with GISD, it’s still a good place to better one’s education.
Garland ISD is very good and I'm proud to be a part of it especially regarding how much we have grown as a district over the year. it really is an amazing experience to be a part of.
I was bullied a lot up until high school, and that experience made me feel very insecure in myself and have severe discomfort in trusting my teachers to advocate for me. While they put emphasis on inclusion, academics, and diversity, the main problem is how little support they actually give students in regards to crisis and personal struggles. They want to see students succeed, but they never stop to question how long we're staying up to do our homework to get these good grades. I stayed up until 12 everynight, and woke up at 5 every morning just to make sure my homework was done and I could catch the bus. This went on for five years.
Don't get me wrong, it is a great district, it's just that they sacrifice the mental health of students to get there
I like the different programs the district offers but I don’t like how my school doesn’t has as many programs as other schools in my district does.
Overall, Garland ISD is a great district. There are some issues with teachers treating students wrongly, but you'd have the same issue in other districts. GISD has a great selection of schools and programs!
I have had an amazing experience with Garland ISD. The teachers truly care about me. They celebrate with us, cry with us, learn with us.
Garland Independent School District is very flexible school district as students as well as parents can choose from various academic programs and activities that are offered in different schools. Most of its schools offers a different program that students can choose from. Some of the programs at schools include Science, Math and Technology, Global Business, etc. Students and their parents can also choose which school they would like to attend, and transportation is provided to everyone who qualifies. Garland Independent School District is also very diverse in it's staff, facility, as well as student population.
Being apart of the Garland Independent School District was a unique experience, and like anything there were pros and cons.
Everything is mostly pretty good.......... I don't necessarily want any additional changes although an update to the facilities would be great
GISD isn’t the best but it isn’t the worst. Most schools have a decent education system despite quite a few of their teachers lacking a little bit. Education and the only clubs/activities we do have are very affordable, but at the expense of their quality.
Love Garland ISD we were new to the district this year and it exceeded all our expeditions. I grew up in Garland so it’s nice to be back home.
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GISD has an increasing amount of students that are completely diverse, along with helpful programs that can help students reach at a higher level of education after high school and getting a degree while earning a high school diploma at the same time.
I like how the teachers and faculty members such as janitors and lunch people are always so nice and willing to help. Counselors have definitely helped by guiding you and helping you as needed. Thanks to them, I have been able to succeed and become a better person.
For the most part I enjoyed my experience but I would like to see some change in funding for the different athletic departments and clubs.
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