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Galesburg-Augusta Community Schools Reviews

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G-A is a small town, with a huge heart. Everyone knows everyone, and the community is so behind us students. I couldn't imagine going to a better, more caring school.
I think that Galesburg does a good job on making there new students feel welcome when coming into the district. I strongly feel that teachers are willing to help their students when they need help in and outside the classroom. I do feel that Galesburg is lacking in sports and opportunists to learn for your mistakes you do make.
Galesburg Augusta allowed me to succeed academically and athletically in a supportive environment. The small district allows involvement in any activity you have any interest in. During my high school career, I have been involved in cross country, basketball and track as well as band, National honors society, student council, Student Christian Athletes, PowderPuff football and youth basketball clinics. Through these activities, I have been able to volunteer many hours back to my community. The small community also encourages a family style support system, most people know each other and help each other.
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I have enjoyed every second of my schooling at G-A. I have been here since Pre-School. The only downfall to G-A is the lack of opportunity for the students. They have made some improvements to this, but the opportunity is very small. We do not have many classes outside of the required ones.

With that being said, I feel safe at school and I have created amazing relationships with teachers as well as students. I know the teachers care about my education and well-being, which is something not all schools can offer.
The teachers here are excellent and will support students no matter what. The school provides students with stellar opportunities to develop as people and find their purpose in life.
Galesburg-Augusta community schools is definitely a community. Our school does so many cool activities that makes this community the best. We have "before game tailgates" for football, "Staff vs Students basketball games", our school also likes to bring the schools together and making sure the Middle school sees what they can be involved in, in High school. Our student council goes down at the end of the year with the College Ambassadors and does a mini pep-rally to give knowledge about High school and College.
The school is small so everyone becomes close to one another. Although Galesburg is a wonderful school, they should offer more classes that would be beneficial towards a college education.
I believe that G-A is a small school that cares about every student! The teachers want each and every student to have success in their education and their overall life.
Galesburg-Augusta Community Schools welcomes everyone. It is a great environment for children to grow up in. There is great camaraderie everywhere you go. I will always look back on my childhood and remember the great times I had in Galesburg with the greatest people I met.
This is a small town school where everyone grew up here, and never left. Due to this, there is a large play in favoritism when it comes to sports and academics. Teachers do not care about their jobs or students. Over all a bad place.
I've been at this school since 6th grade and i love it. Its a great school and im proud to be a part of it.
It is a small town school, with a small town vibe. It does have big heart for such a small community, and they are always involved.
This school sucks. They really should be nicer to the students. There is way too much control. I would never make my children go here.
I love always being welcome at the school by past teachers. The school could work on college preparation. The athletics are good but could be better when it comes to coaches that know what they are doing.
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