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Fremont Union High School District Reviews

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It’s such a beautiful and diverse place. Anywhere, no matter what school, has great faculty and students who welcome you. There’s a very obvious community feel within the district.
Fremont High School is a great school with excellent diversity and a beautiful campus. Some of the teachers don't care to teach to the AP exam curriculum and don't believe in the AP exam
I really hate this district, MAYBE it was just the fact that I went to Cupertino High, but MAN that school SUCKS!!!
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Fremont High school was an extremely well diverse high school. Everybody in the school came from different backgrounds providing a welcoming environment where everyone is accepted. For the most part the teachers at Fremont high school were supportive and motivational. I played four sports at Fremont which included Softball for 3 years, soccer for 3 years, volleyball for 1, and 1 year of running for cross country. Each sport taught me how to become a well rounded student overall. I had a great great experience overall at Fremont, but I do wish more teachers were prepared to teach me what to expect in college because even though I had the advantage of being apart of the AVID program I still was not completely prepared for everything I have faced so far in college.
I attended Fremont High School for 3 years and Homestead for 1 year.
they're both in the silicon valley which is booming with tech and so are the schools. The schools are very well maintained and only getting bigger and nicer. They are also getting a lot of new technology that not everyone in the bay area has or needs, like new laptops, calculators, desks etc. Though it shows how much they care about the students. The sports department is also getting better, new facilities will be built very soon!
I attended Cupertino High School in the Fremont Union High School. I had a great time here. the students are great and the sports are fun and competitive. The school spirit/culture isn't as great as I'd like it to be however. The teachers a for th most part pretty good and try to keep the kids engaged.
All in all, I feel like my experience at Fremont High School was average. There are always hard times during high school and I do not think that if I went to another high school, it would be different. I feel like FHS isn't different from your average high school, any high school would feel the same. I do love the campus and diversity. Some teachers are great, some aren't.
I like the atmosphere created by the teachers, they really care about their students. THere is also a wide variety of classes to choose from.
Overall, my time at Fremont High school was really fun. Most of the teachers I had are really nice and are willing to help with anything if I ever need help with anything.
The teachers could be less harsh on the students and not impose the curriculum at such high standards as well as make an effort to welcome new students and create a comfortable and friendly atmosphere at school.
Good the only thing I didn’t like was our schedule change from last year and the fact that school didn’t close because of the poor air quality during the fires.
My experience at this school has been very Interesting in many ways. Like all of Sunnyvale many people who attend this school have very different cultural and financial backgrounds. It is good knowing that all of us could come together in this beautiful school. Currently our School is being remodeled and it is very nice. The teachers are amazing in so many ways. Teachers actually try to create good relationships with students and genuinely want to see you succeed. However, I have had my fair share of bad teachers but, for the most part many teachers are very good at what they do. The environment is very welcoming and it has been a pleasure attending.
I appreciate all the staff from Fremont High School. They are very generous and helpful people. They all equally care about all the students that attends there. Not only the students, but also the families. One thing that I hope to change is the trash the students live on the ground. I think Fremont should put more trashes out. By doing so, I believe it would decrease the trash the students leave on the tables and on the ground. This will also reduce the sequels that are wondering around.
My experience at Fremont started before my freshman year. I entered a summer freshman orientation that helped around 500 kids ease into the high school experience. With this help, my time here at Fremont has been a breeze.
My experience at Fremont High School has been wonderful. In my experience, the teachers were very respectful and helpful to me and I felt comfortable being in their class. I would have to say that my favorite part of Fremont High School would be the Teachers as they have given me great advice, encourage me to do better, and have been my biggest motivators. I believe that my experience at Fremont has taught me many valuable life lessons and has given me moments that I will never forget.
Fremont High is amazing in terms of academics, they have the best teachers in the district who teach vey well and are super nice. There are a lot of options for electives and a ton of clubs for everything. Overall, it’s a great school where you can stand out.
The Fremont Union High School District has been created a close-knit, caring community for me for the past 4 years.
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It is a very competitive school district. But those coming from the district have a high graduation rate.
My experience with FUHSD went as expected. I knew coming in to high school that the workload was going to be intense and that I needed to study and work hard to succeed.
The district is a good district. The teachers and administrators are very nice. The schools are well maintained.
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