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easy to get in touch with the teachers and the staff ,fallow up with student less homework can let the student extra time to research and be active in different issues
FRHSD provides countless opportunities that had a lasting impact on me. Experimenting with various electives enabled me to shape my identity and path for the future. I created preschool lesson plans, played piano, etched a scratchboard, and even wrote a novel. Not only did I learn many diverse skills, I learned about myself. I am thankful for all of the experiences I took part in, including the ones I did not enjoy or shine in.
None of it could have been possible without the friendly and helpful staff. Besides help with schoolwork, many helped with personal issues by giving advice and simply checking in. Knowing that the staff truly supports me and wants me to succeed in and outside the classroom made me feel valued.
The only thing that should change is the rigor of the classes. Once I received "guided" notes that were completed! I was disappointed when I wasted time in subjects I was interested in. I know I could have learned more, and that FRHSD can actualize that.
I am very happy with with my experience at Freehold Township HS. The teachers are knowledgeable and I feel like I will be well prepared for college.
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Great school. Great teachers and a great sports program. I think it's the best High School ever. I have learned so much with the classes that they provide. The teachers are very understanding and very willing to help you at any time. Getting extra help if needed is no problem at this school. Doors are always open to learning and teaching all students. Sports and clubs are also a big thing at my high school. There is so many to choose from to join in. Howell High School is the best.
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I am part of a specialized magnet program at my school that has allowed me to study different regions of the world. Most importantly being part of this program has taught me to value the opinions of others.
Overall this district was not that bad. All I want to do right now is to graduate and not see anyone from my school again. most of the people at Marlboro aren't that great.
I really enjoy my time at school, but at the same time it often feels like administrators don’t care about me or my interests. Scheduling is an absolute nightmare. Otherwise the school culture is great and the teachers are fantastic! It’s just the administration that makes school painful some of the time.
All schools are fairly different yet similar. Many of the school's facilities are outdated and overdue. (Example: No A/C in 5 out of 6 schools). There are some good teachers but plenty of bad ones due to the ridiculous tenor rules and with many students just being downright lost causes. However, there are some gems and is in a good area. Overall, it is a fine school district with some opportunity. Admin's kinda are clueless tho
The freehold regional high school District is contains six high schools that are properly managed. The schools are equipped with the best teachers to ensure that the students learn whatever is need in the future. The school district is set on making sure it’s students are presented with all the materials needed in order to make learning easy and fun.
My overall experience with Freehold Regional High School District is very well. There are plenty of clubs and activities to get involved with, the majority of the teachers are very considerate of the students and most important of all I had a wonderful time here.
For my four years in the district, I attended Freehold Township High School. The school gave me many opportunities and allowed me to make many friends along the way. The faculty helped me with anything I may have needed, whether it be academic related or even mental health related, the school has helped me with what I needed.
It’s a good school. The teachers are very nice and actually care about you and want you to do good. The school spirit is good but I can see with each class year it is getting worse. The block scheduling however was confusing at first but it’s bit too bad. The lunches are very gross and it’s so crowded. They could definitely fix it up more. The sports have always been good and the coaches are very good at their job. Freehold boro is very diverse as well. It is a bit crowded in the hallways but what school isn’t. It get very hot during the summer time. And the kids are just like every other highschool. The acedemic part overall is very good. The social part and school spirit could be better.
I have grown to love my school, Freehold Boro High School. All the teachers are ready to help their students achieve highly in their classes; they are available before and/or after school, or make time for extra help sessions with students, whether it be individually or as a class. Another great aspect about my school is college readiness; although I just started junior year, I feel ready for college, including writing essays, SATs and college classes in general. My school also provides many AP courses with great teachers, most of whom guarantee high scores on AP exams, if the students put in the effort. Along with these things, the counselors are very flexible, and try to accommodate the students whenever possible. My school continues to look for improvements that benefit its students and staff, ensureing safety and proficiency throughout the year, in which I am very grateful.
I really enjoyed my time at the Freehold Regional High School District. It was a wonderful atmosphere where the teachers and administrators did their best to help you. I really liked that they went above and beyond and offered extra help or you could schedule a time to meet with them. That really enhanced my learning experience. In addition to the wonderful staff, the technology we had such as the think tank, computer labs, and carts, also aided my education. I believe that my education here prepared me for what to expect in college. I loved all of the activities that they provided for students. It gave me a chance to broaden my interests and meet new people.
FRHSD has something for everyone. Whether it is through a club or a sport, or a specialized program for a career of choice, FRHSD would surely have that one thing that piques your interest. Most of the teachers are great and are willing to help you succeed, as long as you help yourself by asking the teachers for help.
Freehold regional is very good for a typical high school eexpierence athletics are very emphasized in this district and i wish more went into updating the older school (A/C is needed in some schools)
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I had a wonderful experience. I had great teachers, and friends throughout my four years in high school. What I would like to see change is the lunches and other clubs, activities, and more language clubs.
I find that the Freehold Regional High School is a great place to prepare you for college. The staff is amazing and are always so happy to help. The students are amazing and so diverse. There’s so many interesting people that are there to challenge you and aid you through your High School career.
Over the past four years at Freehold Township High School, I have met some of my closest friends, learned so many things from great teachers, and have been apart of amazing sports teams and clubs. My overall experience here has been amazing.
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