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Franklin Township Community School Corporation Reviews

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Franklin Township is about average. Most of the teachers are amazing, but there’s some that just don’t know what they’re doing. The schools are very involved with mental health and the staff tries their best to support students and provide the best education possible. However, I do wish the school district would put some money into the high school. There’s not enough space for the growing population and there’s always a bug and/or mouse problem. In addition to this, some of our lockers don’t even close or lock.
Franklin Township Community School Corporation has a wide variety of available courses and the administration greatly encourages taking AP classes. Also, there are many extracurricular activities to participate in and decent sports teams.
My daughter has attended FTCSC since Kindergarten. We could not be more pleased with the education and opportunities that have been offered to her.
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I had a lot of fun being in the Franklin Township area in high school, the people I met were amazing.
Best school district in Marion County. Schools are great, teachers are great, staff is great. People complaining are the ones who are either trouble makers, whiny parents who don’t get their way, or people who don’t care
Great school corporation, one big family. I attended from Kindergarten through high school, and would love to com back and teach after college. Elementary schools are amazing, and teachers are very caring. I would recommend this school system to anyone and everyone. Truly made me who I am. The neighborhoods are also very safe and there is plenty to do in and around Franklin Township. The administration is very involved and caring when it comes to what is going on in the schools.
I attended Franklin Township Community Schools for my entire primary school career. I enjoyed the variety offered within the township. I participated in both the arts and sports programs. I felt well prepared for my college experience.
Franklin Township is a community in the southeast area of Marion County. A once small town now turned into a large suburb of Indianapolis. Franklin Township is a great community filled with opportunity and life.
I like the size and different class opportunities. The ways we try and include everyone into regular activities is something I really appreciate about our school. Along with the few teachers we have that always go the extra mile for us!
I like FTCSC because of the staff and teachers. I personally have only had one or two bad experiences with teachers that I just haven't clicked with.
It is a very safe district. I can't say that i have ever felt in danger when attending one of these schools. Also, you get a very good education. The administration and teachers do a very good job of pushing you to be the best you can be.
I liked the variety of Pre AP and AP courses available for students. Would like to see more parent involvement.
The teachers are great! There are a lot of extracurricular activities available for students. The sports programs are amazing and everyone is supportive and great.
The school has very qualified teachers that are dedicated to improving the education of all students. The staff at franklin central genuinely cares about each and every student and strives to encourage every student to do their best. Franklin central has the best counselors and resources for students to help with wide varieties of issues.
we have a wonderful school system here in franklin township, we have amazing teachers who really care for the kids, and we have a up to date softwares, and computer labs.
There were some good and bad things about my school. Most of the teachers are really great at teaching their subjects. There is always an opportunity for someone to help with something the students need through tutoring or asking a teacher. Last year one of my teachers was pregnant in an AP class and her replacement for second semester was a regular chemistry teacher who didn't remember some of the things he was supposed to teach us.
Franklin Township Schools are an enjoyable environment. There is a pathway for everyone, for example very rigorous courses to prepare for a college course load. The teachers at Franklin Township Schools are very kind and always ready to help. Teachers are always kind and allowing students to stay after school to get extra help with the material. Teachers will also share with the students extra resources that are available to students for extra help. The facilities available to the students are extremely well maintained and cared for. From our weight room to our football field it’s all nice. My experience with Franklin Township has been amazing I’ve never been in fear that I’m not going to do good in school because I always know that there will be someone to help, like teachers, coaches, and administrators.
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FTCSC is a great school corporation for students. The school promotes AP courses and supports students to achieve honor degrees.
Franklin Central's curriculum is fairly difficult, if you choose the right classes. I've felt like I learned a lot, but one thing I would like to see changed is an excessive amount of 'teaching to the test'. I'm aware that test scores are essential to the funding the school receives, but the number of times I have heard, "You don't need to know this, it won't be on the test," is astounding. Pandering to the test and the test only just inhibits a student from obtaining all necessary knowledge and not being as fully versed in a subject or matter as possible. That said, the teachers here do successfully teach what they see fit, and I do feel that they have done their job (which unfortunately is to teach to the test) successfully.
I have lived in Franklin Township and attended Franklin Township schools for eight years. I have had a pleasant experience overall! I enjoy how focused the staff are and how nice the schools look. I would fix the plumbing issues the high school seems to have.
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