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This school district provides a very solid educational experience. It is very under appreciated, but prepares you well for college.
My time at Fox Chapel was a good one. The things I would have complained about back when I was in school I can see now were my own fault. The teachers cared and wanted you to succeed. They would do anything to help a student be better. My favorite part of FC was the tech ed department. I had great fun and learned alot taking woodshop, electronics and communications. The teachers in those departments care about what they are doing and wanted the kids to take things away from the classes. If I had the option, I would definitely go back.
I love Fox Chapel Area High School because of the wonderful opportunities it provides to its students. With competent teachers, readily available resources, and a competitive yet collaborative school environment, Fox Chapel does a great job of preparing its students for higher education and future career paths.
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Fox Chapel is a very good school district with a lot of faculty members that really care about their students. Nearly every faculty member I came in contact with made sure their students were learning properly and if they weren't they were willing to go out of the way to help. One thing I wish could change is that there are some students who don't apply themselves so a lot of times no one was there to help them so they just ended up being very unsuccessful at school.
Fox Chapel is a school district that encourages creativity and inspires students to be themselves. By offering over one hundred extra curricular activities, ranging between clubs and sports, students are able and are encouraged to explore their interest. Fox Chapel makes sure that every student, K-12, gets to shine in their own way.
My time here has certainly been very interesting. The district is able to provide students with exclusive opportunities such as in depth robotics courses and several musical activities. The facilities are kept in good condition every week and the staff is very supportive. The lack of college preparation is the biggest drawback of this school.
I enjoyed it throughly. My four years went well. The teachers were great and friendly enough for me to classify them as friends. The students are nice and I didn't see any act of bullying while here.
I went to Fox Chapel Area High School and enjoyed my time there. I connected with a lot of the teachers and got the help I needed to excel in classes. There are some unfair advantages for certain students, however. Some students are unable to do certain things because of where they live or lack of finances to do it. The school encourages most students to join clubs and sports, but there are sometimes fees for those things that some students cannot provide, putting them at a disadvantage when it comes to a future. For the most part though, the school was very inclusive and a positive place to attend.
Great academic environment, diverse extracurricular offerings, teachers are attentive. I've loved attending FCAHS!
We felt overall the experience with Fox Chapel Area School District has been a positive one; however, that is not to say there are not some problems here...perhaps the best way to sum it up is, there is the Good, the Bad and the...Ugly.....the Good has been the education that our child has received....the Bad is there is a political strata that is controls the school, and finally the ugly is the failure to address bullying In a pre-emptive and or effective manner....
Fox Chapel High School is a very nice, and clean school. The teachers are very passionate about their work, and the counselors are always ready to help you. They are great at getting seniors ready for college and have numerous resources to help you get prepared.
The school may not be the most diverse system but the faculty are the best at going out of their way with helping you!
I enjoyed the challenging culture at FCAHS and the thriving social atmosphere. FCAHS properly prepared me for a rigorous college atmosphere while challenging me to push myself in every aspect of my life.
Fox Chapel gave me the skill set and schools to continue on to my college career and excel. Due to Fox Chapel, I surprised myself after graduation on what I could accomplish.
I liked the school. I have been through the entire fox chapel system and it has been a pretty great journey. The teachers that I have had have all been pretty solid with the exception of a few teachers. The school culture is only alright as there is a certain stereotypical popular kid that excels in this school system. It's sports dominate in some sense but there are certain sports within the fox chapel system that truly dominate (Tennis, soccer and golf). The parental influence in fox chapel is pretty great as PTA involvement within the system is quite prevalent. Clubs and other such activities within the fox chapel community have always been amazing from recreational youth basketball to busking club, the students have opportunity to join and participate in these amazing activities.
Great school and really prepares you for college. One problem is that the administration is a lil too political.
The Arts program at Fox Chapel is excellent. The teachers generally are very willing to take extra time to help students, and there are many extra-curricular activities offered. The District also focuses on preparing students for college and their careers. The school district is not extremely diverse in race or socio-economic status.
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I went to Fox Chapel from 3rd grade all the way up to now my junior year. Everything about the school district is great. There hasn't been really any funding issues regarding anything so every department and club has what they need. The athletic experience here is also very good.
Fox Chapel is considered to be a very good school, and I agree. The teachers are amazing, and the courses are not too difficult but they are a challenge. I loved being surrounded by people who are also motivated, and it generally makes me want to better my self. I participate in two sports and I do not feel as though there is a ton of tension or senior authority being taken. I do feel like we could have better diversity in our school, and we could have better representation for those who need it. We recently added GSA and BSU clubs to our district, so I really liked seeing that improvement, but I still feel like we could do more.
As a transgender student moving from Pine-Richland High School to FCAHS, I found that here, they were more accepting, understanding, and willing to work with me. They were respectful of my gender identity and did everything in their power to make sure I was comfortable. The teachers here are great, and the blocked scheduling system is both convenient and prepares you for college in many ways.
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