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Fountain Hills Unified School District Reviews

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I enjoy the fact that Fountain Hills High School is very small and therefore makes everyone close. Teachers get to spend more time helping their students learn, but also aiding in their growth as a person. Many of the students have grown up together since kindergarten, making our bonds very tight.
FHUSD is not funded very well at all. Meaning unqualified teachers and less than satisfactory after school programs. They didn’t perform background checks on their teachers, leading to several legal issues. They are improving though, which is why I’ve given them 2 stars rather than just 1. Hopefully they keep improving and maybe in a couple years my opinion about them will change.
The small campus feel is great but there's also limitations to that. You see huge high schools with massive student showings at games while here, it's very small because we're such a small town. Teacher to student wise, it's very close. Everyone knows everyone, and we, as the student body, don't let others fall from failing classes.
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Fountain Hills Unified School District is the only district I went to so I have a strong connection to it. I feel like this school district was small enough that I always felt I had a connection with the teachers. The only struggle was that the district sometimes could not afford to have the best teachers.
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