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Some of the teachers are not well equipped to be teaching in such a diverse school setting but most do a wonderful job of educating us I don’t always feel safe at school especially around specific study
These past 4 years have gone very fast. Over all my experience at north side was alright. the only thing i really do wish would have changed was the time school starts and ends. it sucked getting out of school at 4:10P.M
Fort Wayne Community Schools has the potential to be a real strong and great school district but I feel like they don't pay much attention to the wants of their students and teachers. We have a lot of qualified and loving teachers but we need more and the requirements for renewing licensing should not be as absurd as it currently is.
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It was a social nightmare, there are little creativity outlets for students. Id add in more clubs and extracurricular activities.
There was a lot of diversity in the schools. While the administration was lacking, the amazing teachers made up for it. The sports and extracurricular activities were ran very well.
FWCS lets students choose where they want to attend school. They offer all types of programs to fit every student's needs. Compassionate and passionate teachers, lots of extra-curricular programs, great schools.
I enjoyed attending South side Highschool. The international baccalaureate classes were challenging and rewarding. The teachers cared about our well-being and were always willing to help us improve in our studies. At the time of my graduation in 2013 there were not many programs to help seniors prepare for college. Now in 2019 as my sibling graduates, they have a greater allocation of time and support for seniors.
The high school I went to I don't think the guidance counselor was helpful her judgement was very poor when choosing my classes when knowing what my weakness was and didn't provide assistance with classes I was struggling in. But on the other hand would assist others with there struggles so I was very confused on why she would help others but not me.
The school system is very diverse. There are many different clubs and activities for students to join.
The teachers are somewhat good. They care about the students most of the time but sometimes the they do not. The curriculum is not the best, although some classes help prepare you well for college. If you go to a school in this district you will see a lot of diversity.
I think that Fort Wayne Community Schools have okay schools for the most part. The teachers are mostly well versed and hired well. However, the grading scale is not acceptable and does not prepare students for college. Also, schools other than elementary need to teach children about more creative options if they so choose.
Urban schools with lots of diversity, including sports, clubs, and tutoring. Most teachers go above and beyond to meet student needs. My daughter has flourished at her middle school.
Fort Wayne Community Schools does a good job on getting high school students ready for college and coming together in need when something happens at school. The one thing that needs to be change is the way the schools address situations and be more hands on with parents in the students education journey.
My opinion of fwcs is need better transportation for one and stop spending money on building new schools and put it in the ones they have and transportation there are some excellent schools that have good staff and there are one's that are very poor in staff saying the staff are very rude to both students and parents it's like they take on a job they can't handle and they need to find a different profession. Overall if I could I would rather home school my kids or a private school if I couldn't get in a better well mannered staff school.
Fort Wayne Community School has helped me grow in so many ways. They always provide and push me with my education.
I've spent k-12 at FWCS and we've never really had a problem. Having gone to school in basically in inner city school has been great for me. We have not been sheltered at all from the real world. The food can be okay at points, but they could do better. For how big the district is I think they are doing a really good job.
Fort Wayne Community Schools (FWCS) provide various locations of education. They also have a variety of teaching methods that is suitable for diverse students. FWCS is a great school district and is the largest in Indiana.
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Good community schooling centers to help construct a fulfilling academic hub for students to grow into productive members of society. Great teachers within these facilities as well as I am a student of Fort Wayne community schools and I recommend these facilities to anyone looking to have peace of mind in their children's education.
I have had a very positive experience with Fort Wayne schools. The teachers were attentive to the students needs. They kept the learning environment active and the material was never stale. I really liked how I always felt comfortable to ask questions in class.
I feel that I was prepared academically for college while going to Northrop. The school needs updated, but they are currently in the process of doing this.
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