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I grew up in this school district in all my children are coming up in the school district. It's a wonderful district but I am not a fan of the high school grading scale
I like the system established between students and teachers but I feel like academics needs to be improved.
Very good overall. I had a great experience with my school's band program. The teachers are great even though they may not always be treated the best by the administration. Teachers in general are not supported by the legislation currently in place.
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FWCS is the largest school district in the state of Indiana. While that grants us the most resources it also does not allow us to have a connection like smaller districts.
I’ve been in the Fort Wayne Community Schools district all through out my thirteen years of school. The programs and opportunities I’ve been able to receive is absolutely amazing. The teachers and staff treat you like their own and make sure you try to learn a much as possible.
During the pandemic FWCS did as much as they could so that their students could keep learning and stay engaged in our school work.
Going back to during the pandemic FWCS is doing so keeping the students safe. For example at my high we have individual desk in the lunch cafeteria that are six feet apart, every time we start class we have to clean our desk and before we leave we have have to wipe them down again. It’s the little things that make FWCS great.
I was in this school district for 14 years (pre-k through 12th grade) I definitely think that there were so many capable teachers that were amazing at teaching but there were some that I just couldn’t learn anything from, I studied, and asked for help from specific teachers and that weren’t able to do much for me. Students have different learning style and I think it’s important teachers keep that in mind when they’re teaching or re-teaching a unit.
I like how big of a schooling distric this is because it is so diverse and there are so many different people who go to these schools.
I've been good to Fort Wayne Community Schools my whole life and they are great. I like how diverse they are. You can see all different races and religions and see the diversity of every schools in Fort Wayne. The teachers and staffs are amazing. They use their personal experiences to bond with their students.
I have been going to FWCS schools all my life and they are great. I like how diverse they are. You can walk into any classroom and see all different races and religions, and we celebrate them all. The teachers are great and really get to know you. They use their personal experiences to bond with their students.
Overall, the schools are not as involved in the education process as they should be. They should be helping students prepare for college. Poor communication among teachers and parents does not help. There are some very good teachers that are very involved. There was not a sufficient amount of involvement with the school. I did not feel necessarily like I was a priority. I felt more of like a "job" to the teachers. I've graduated now, and am in college. But, I don't have any relationships with the instructors, which is sad. I feel like with any teaching job there should be a level of security and care, but that was not received here.
There are great teachers in Fort Wayne community Schools. I think that they could improve on disciplinary actions as well as providing resources that would benefit the students.
Fort Wayne Community schools is a great school district for children to get an education that has lasting effects on life. The all-inclusive schools are a great way to meet new people and learn lots along the way to a career or further education. The multiple extracurricular activities that are offered are ways students can get involved in the community and learn life lessons to better themselves in the process of maturing.
Fort Wayne Community Schools is phenomenal and truly passionate about teaching the next generation. The enviorment is friendly, safe, clean, and progressive. Teachers at these schools are credible, invigorated, trying and given the circumstances are doing the best they can. There are a small amount of problems that plague the schools sadly, funding is lacking. This is blatant in school lunches, equipment care, and availability of equipment. The music departments in some schools are severely lacking which directly affect the growth of students and their ability to preform, for example violins and other strings instruments are aged and worn. Teacher salaries are appalling and create a unnecessary strenuous environment for said teachers. For what lacks in the system, teachers and faculty workers do an amazing job.
Being an Alumni of Fort Wayne community schools was very life changing. The public education shows how diverse the community around you is. You learn many subjects in many different ways, being that all of the teachers have their own style of educating.
Some of the teachers are not well equipped to be teaching in such a diverse school setting but most do a wonderful job of educating us I don’t always feel safe at school especially around specific study
These past 4 years have gone very fast. Over all my experience at north side was alright. the only thing i really do wish would have changed was the time school starts and ends. it sucked getting out of school at 4:10P.M
Fort Wayne Community Schools has the potential to be a real strong and great school district but I feel like they don't pay much attention to the wants of their students and teachers. We have a lot of qualified and loving teachers but we need more and the requirements for renewing licensing should not be as absurd as it currently is.
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It was a social nightmare, there are little creativity outlets for students. Id add in more clubs and extracurricular activities.
There was a lot of diversity in the schools. While the administration was lacking, the amazing teachers made up for it. The sports and extracurricular activities were ran very well.
FWCS lets students choose where they want to attend school. They offer all types of programs to fit every student's needs. Compassionate and passionate teachers, lots of extra-curricular programs, great schools.
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