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I went to Highlands High School and I would like to see the administration more organized, sometimes they make silly decisions. The counselors weren't able to help me very much in terms of my emotional struggles. They are only trained to help kids get scholarships and get them into college, which isn't for everybody. The whole school is geared towards the althetics and I am sad to say that those in althetics, especially the football team, get extra help with things. So it isn't really fair on me, a middle class child from a very small town. The kids are very nice there, but there are a lot of clicks that you find in high school. I never fit into the clicks so I only have a few friends from high school. I pretty much hated going to school there, but it is a good school.
I came to Highlands High School as a freshman and could not have asked for a better experience. All of my teachers have been fantastic, and there is a wide variety of sports and clubs to join. The school is very safe and generally accepting of all students.
With 4 children at the high school, middle school and elementary levels and 2 more to go through, we couldn’t be happier. They have programs to help our child who struggles with reading as well as a gifted/talented program for those who excel. The new administration (2 years young) value parent input more than previous years and are quick to respond to parent communication. The faculty from elementary to high school, nurture the entire child creating well rounded individuals equipped with the tools to tackle the real world. The district is adding more classes/clubs geared toward the trades industry which is absolutely AMAZING. The community rallies around the schools with the Fort Thomas Education Foundation distributing thousands upon thousands of donated dollars to enhance and enrich the education and availability of the arts for all the students.
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I had a great 4 years creating new friendships, learning to the highest capacity, and preparing for the future. Highlands High School did a great job in shaping me to become the person I am today!
It is not an average high school because everyone here is different and have a specific mission to accomplish. The school is located in a small town, but the students are exceptionally hard-working. With the variety of classes offered it allows students to find their passion. Also, the curriculum prepares students for college classes by the rigor of the courses.
Fort Thomas Schools really know how to push the boundaries of education. They fought for us to have state of the art technology such as one to one laptops. They hire teachers that not only are skilled in their field but also know how to nurture students in order to achieve the most they can. Also they make opportunities for every type of student no matter the interest. we have countless clubs, sports, and art programs available and therefore you can develop talent in any discipline. The academics are probably the element of the school that shines most, as a school should. As students we are pushed to take several AP courses and our pass rates usually never dip below 70% which means they create an atmosphere that is challenging and also sets us up for college classes and beyond. I am proud to be a bluebird.
Fort Thomas School District is very well known in Northern Kentucky. They are ranked #1 in the state. Fort Thomas is always trying new and improved idea that may better the school district. Our schools use new technology such as Apple Ipads, and Macs for the students to use and take home during the school year.
Highlands High School is a fantastic school that has excellent teachers and staff who go over the top to ensure the success of their students in every way possible.
Fort Thomas Independent Schools are fully focused on great education. Teacher challenge students in ways that improve their knowledge and learning. The school has lots of lunch options that are nutritional for students outside of eating at home. The school offers lots of programs for struggling families to help ensure their safety and health. I love how the teachers challenge their students beyond the lesson given. Students spend much of their time on task because of the balanced disciplin. Test scores at FTIS are ranked well in the national rank proving that students excel in the classroom.
The academics and teachers are amazing, but the beliefs of many in the school system is not suitable for many minority groups
The academics aspect of the school is the only redeeming factor. Other than that, the faculty is unforgiving and they value their reputation over the wellbeing of the students.
Fort Thomas Independent Schools offer an outstanding education. All of the faculty are dedicated to student success. Right down to the janitorial staff!
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